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COVID-Economics Links (May 11)

Can the Covid Bailouts Save the Economy? - Elenev, Landvoigt and van Nieuwerburgh (CEPR DP) Consumption in the time of Covid-19: Evidence from UK transaction data - Hacioglu, Känzig and Surico (CEPR DP) Supply and Demand in Disaggregated Keynesian Economies with an Application to the Covid-19 Crisis - Baqaee and Farhi (CEPR DP) Navigating Deglobalization - Mohamed A. El-Erian (PS) Long haul lockdown: Three scenarios for the impact of coronavirus on the UK economy - Leslie, Hughes, McCurdy, Pacitti, Smith and Tomlinson (VoxEU) The economic impact of Covid-19 in Europe and the US - Sophia Chen, Deniz Igan, Nicola Pierri, Andrea Presbitero (VoxEU) Working from home: Estimating the worldwide potential - Berg, Bonnet and Soares (VoxEU) Political beliefs affect compliance with COVID-19 social

Antonio Fatas considers the following as important:

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