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COVID-Economics Links (May 13)

Modern health crises: Recession and recovery - Chang Ma, John Rogers, Sili Zhou ( The EU response to the coronavirus crisis: How to get more bang for the buck - Massimo Bordignon, Guido Tabellini ( Pandemic Recession: L or V-Shaped? - Victoria Gregory, Guido Menzio, David G. Wiczer (NBER WP) COVID-19 and the Welfare Effects of Reducing Contagion - Robert S. Pindyck (NBER WP) How to pay for the (pandemic) war - Francesco Bianchi, Renato Faccini, Leonardo Melosi  ( Challenges in Nowcasting GDP Growth - FRB of Atlanta Emerging from the Great Lockdown in Asia and Europe - Changyong Rhee and Poul M. Thomsen (IMF) Business cannot simply awake from this coma and carry on - Raghuram Rajan (FT) After the coronavirus pandemic - Martin Wolf (FT) Fractured Global Value

Antonio Fatas considers the following as important:

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