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COVID-Economics Links (May 9)

Eurogroup Statement on the Pandemic Crisis Support - Eurogroup The asymmetric impact of COVID-19 confinement measures on EU labour markets - Torrejón Pérez, Fana, González-Vázquez and Fernández-Macías (VoxEU) The impact of COVID-19 on European household expectations - Gene Ambrocio  (VoxEU) Coronavirus and commodity markets: Lessons from history - Peter Nagle (World Bank) Sector-Specific Shocks and the Expenditure Elasticity Channel During the COVID-19 Crisis - Ana Danieli and Jane Olmstead-Rumsey (SSRN) Rebuilding better after Covid-19, part 2 - Martin Sandbu (FT Coronavirus recession deepens U.S. job losses in April especially among low-wage workers and women - Heather Boushey (Equitable Growth) Fiscal Monitor - April 2020 - IMF The coronavirus economy is exposing how easy it is to fall

Antonio Fatas considers the following as important:

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