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How Americans use time saved by working from home

September 23, 2020

60 million fewer commuting hours per day: How Americans use time saved by working from home
The COVID-19 pandemic triggered a sudden, massive shift to working from home (WFH) around the world. There is great concern about how this development will play out over time, whether it will exacerbate inequalities in economic circumstances and how the economy will adjust (e.g. Adams-Prassl et al. 2020, Baldwin 2020, Bartik et al. 2020, Barrero et al. 2020, Berg et al. 2020, Dingel and Neiman 2020, Milasi et al. 2020). 
On the positive side, the shift to working from home has already saved billions of hours of commuting time in the US alone. We tap several sources, including original surveys of our design, to quantify this time-saving aspect of the shift and to develop

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COVID-19 and labour reallocation: Evidence from the US

July 14, 2020

As of early July 2020, economic policy debates in the US centre on whether to extend or to modify major programmes created by the ‘Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act’. On 04 July 2020, President Trump signed legislation that extends the ‘Paycheck Protection Program’ (PPP) into August, giving small businesses more time to apply for loans that incentivise employee retention (Andrews 2020, Westwood and Mattingly 2020). A more contentious issue is whether to extend the ‘Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation’ (FPUC) programme, which supplements state-level unemployment benefits by $600 per week. Two-thirds of eligible ‘job losers’ receive unemployment benefits greater than lost earnings under the FPUC programme (Ganong et al. 2020), discouraging a return to work.

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