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The impact of Covid-19 on productivity

January 18, 2021

Nicholas Bloom, Philip Bunn, Paul Mizen, Pawel Smietanka, Gregory Thwaites 18 January 2021

The spread of Covid-19 and measures to contain it are likely to have important implications for productivity (e.g. di Mauro and Syverson 2020, Bartik et al. 2020). To assess this we make use of survey data collected by the Bank of England, Nottingham and Stanford Universities through the monthly Decision Maker Panel (DMP) survey, a large and representative online panel of UK firms established in 2016 (see Bloom et al. 2020a and Bloom et al. 2020b for two previous posts that use these data). An important advantage of the DMP survey relative to other business surveys is the quantitative and forward-looking nature of the data that it collects. This has been

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