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The Centre for European Reform is a think-tank devoted to making the European Union work better and strengthening its role in the world. The CER is pro-European but not uncritical. We regard European integration as largely beneficial but recognise that in many respects the Union does not work well. We also think that the EU should take on more responsibilities globally, on issues ranging from climate change to security. The CER aims to promote an open, outward-looking and effective European Union.

Articles by CER

Time for a regime change in Frankfurt

March 11, 2016

The eurozone is not alone among developed economies in experiencing a structural growth slowdown in the rate of economic growth or in grappling with excessively low inflation (see Chart 1). But the currency union does have an especially acute structu…

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The refugee crisis: Fixing Schengen is not enough

February 29, 2016

The EU is looking inwards for solutions to its problems when it should also be looking outwards. The refugee crisis is not merely the consequence of Schengen’s deficiencies. Governments are overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of immigrants, and even wit…

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Deal done: Now for the hard work

February 29, 2016

Once David Cameron had won the May 2015 general election, and announced an EU referendum before the end of 2017, he was always going to find it hard to fulfil his pledge to achieve significant reforms to the Union. The final phase of the British rene…

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Merkel after Paris

November 20, 2015

#Merkel has integrated left-wing policies on #refugees into a Christian-conservative narrative #Merkel’s liberal stance on refugees makes it easier for her to respond robustly to the #ParisAttacks

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Terrorism in Paris: Aux armes, citoyens?

November 17, 2015

Sometimes an event occurs that should create clarity of purpose and lucidity of priorities. The Paris attacks are such an event. The tragedy must galvanise European and international support for a co-ordinated offensive against Daesh. Yet questions r…

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25 years on: How the euro’s architects erred

November 5, 2015

It is almost 25 years since European finance ministers, meeting in Rome in December 1990, launched an ‘inter-governmental conference’ on Economic and Monetary Union (EMU). Their work emerged a year later as the Treaty of Maastricht, which set out a r…

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Beware cheap oil!

October 7, 2015

When oil prices go up, governments of oil-importing countries worry. But when oil prices go down, there is a sigh of relief. Low oil prices give European economies a boost, but in terms of foreign and security policy, Europe’s neighbourhood faces mor…

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The insoluble Syrian problem: Only wrong answers?

September 29, 2015

Syria is the origin of many of Europe’s current security problems. Four years after the war there started, the West has no strategy for ending it; but neither does anyone else, including Russia.It is understandable that Western leaders who have faile…

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Global slowdown: The eurozone to reap what it has sown?

September 21, 2015

The slowdown in emerging markets leaves the eurozone even more reliant on exports to the US and UK to compensate for its feeble domestic economy.  The eurozone is banking on a weak euro and strong global growth to boost exports and inflation and offs…

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Eastern mess: The EU’s partners need attention

September 21, 2015

In Armenia, progress in relations with the EU stalled in 2013 when Moscow leant on Yerevan to join the Russian-led Eurasian Economic Union rather than signing an association agreement with the EU. Since then, however, the EU and Armenia have started …

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Jeremy Corbyn and the rise of groupthink

September 18, 2015

Jeremy Corbyn’s rise to the Labour leadership heralds an era of ideological contest that threatens Britain’s membership of the EU – and the United Kingdom itself.When does cosy consensus become groupthink? According to the social psychologist, Irving…

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The battle for reform in Kyiv

September 16, 2015

Ukraine’s reformist government is achieving results. But vested interests are blocking many key reforms, and corruption remains a major problem. Mikheil Saakashvili, the controversial governor of Odessa, is dividing the reformers in Kyiv, as I discov…

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Europe’s refugee crisis: Chronicle of a death foretold

September 8, 2015

The forces driving refugees towards the EU will not disappear in the foreseeable future. Europe needs a comprehensive long-term strategy to improve the political and security situation in its neighbourhood. And whatever else it does, it needs to take…

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Lighten the load

August 26, 2015

Greece’s debt burden needs to be reduced, but maturity extensions on existing loans are not enough for Greece to return to the markets.The IMF says that Greece’s debt burden is unsustainable. That is why the IMF will not contribute to the third assis…

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Cameron’s renegotiation plans: The view from Warsaw

August 14, 2015

David Cameron aims to get a quick agreement on the EU’s reform agenda but parliamentary elections in Poland on 25 October may complicate his plans. Although Law and Justice, the party leading in the opinion polls, belongs to the same political group …

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