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The US-China tariff war and China’s economy: Evidence from night lights

November 25, 2021

The impact of the US-China tariff war on China’s economy: New evidence from night-time lights
In early 2018, the Trump administration commenced a series of tariff actions that raised duties on China’s exports to the US successively over the next two years. To each round of these US tariffs, China’s government responded with retaliatory duties against goods imported from the US. By September 2019, both sets of tariffs had been extended to cover the vast majority of products traded between the two countries.1 These tariffs negatively impacted bilateral trade flows (Amiti et al. 2019, Fagjelbaum et al. 2019, 2020) and have become a persistent thorn in the side of US-China relations. 
Did the US tariffs on Chinese exports have a negative impact on economic activity

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