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This is the blog of European affairs writer Craig James Willy. Elite and popular discourse on the European Union tends to have a weak relationship with reality. Both pundits and politicians – whether American liberals or conservatives, British eurosceptics or simply French – tend to project their national dreams and nightmares upon it. I have a nuanced analysis of Europe based on the primacy and diversity of national realities and on actual EU decision-making practices.

Articles by Craig Willy

The Romanian Palimpsest

March 12, 2016

The foreigner in Romania is immediately struck by the country’s hybrid culture. This is obvious from the first words one learns to garble:  piața (very close pronunciation to Italian’s piazza), mersi (from the French merci, though the “r” is a little…

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Krugman Vindicated?: Eurozone Debt Apparently Falling

October 27, 2015

To be precise: the Eurozone’s (and the wider EU’s) debt-to-GDP is apparently declining, falling 0.5 points to 92.2% between the first and second quarters of this year. Apparently this was thanks to growth in Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Belgiu…

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Why is so much official EU art ugly?

October 8, 2015

European Central Bank President Mario Draghi recently spoke at an art competition organized by his institution the themes of “Stability and Independence” (which may as well be the ECB’s motto) and “United in Diversity” (the European Union’s official …

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Actual poll: What do you want?

August 28, 2015

As is getting a new lease on life, what better time to consult the People on which direction to go? As such I have decided to indulge in a rare exercise of democracy. You get three (3) votes. Use them wisely!

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ECB’s Cœuré on the Future of the Eurozone

August 27, 2015

European Central Bank Executive Board Member Benoît Cœuré has made another highly-interesting speech on the future of the Eurozone (également disponible en français, und auf Deutsch) to the annual assembly of French ambassadors in Paris (see previous…

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