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Bias in the BBC and other Broadcasters.

2 days ago

Media bias is often defined as the publication of positive information that favours a particular viewpoint and negative information that criticises the viewpoint of opponents.  A clearer view of bias is that it is the suppression of negative news about a favoured viewpoint and suppression of positive news about the contrary viewpoint.  The suppression of news is the heart of bias.In the UK it is Ofcom that polices bias in Channel 4 and the BBC.  Ofcom always diverts the investigation of bias into whether or not a particular article was fair.  In doing this they are scarcely performing a fraction of their job because they are missing out any investigation of the suppression of news.In the past the political parties have had sufficient influence to push back against extreme bias but in the

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Postcovid Syndrome may be common and serious.

5 days ago

At the beginning of this outbreak there was concern in some quarters that a few COVID19 victims might suffer long term consequences.  This happens with some other viruses and even in a few cases with flu.  Initial studies are showing very disturbing results for a prolonged illness after recovery from COVID19 infection.Broad, but unscientific, surveys of large numbers of people seem to show persistent symptoms in 5-10% of those who have recovered from COVID19. Fatigue and breathlessness being the most common problems.  The Kings College tracking app showed that 10% people had symptoms at 25 days and 5% were still ill one month later.A patient led group has been set up to report on symptoms (An Analysis of the Prolonged COVID-19 Symptoms Survey by Patient-Led Research Team ) and their

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Tibetans moved to Concentration Camps, Uyghur Camps expanded.

6 days ago

China has reacted to the failure of the West to condemn Concentration Camps for Uyghurs and ignoring the origin of COVID19 by expanding these camps and sending 500,000 Tibetans into forced labour.Western governments seem to have forgotten that you cannot appease National Socialists such as China.Perhaps as bad as the Concentration Camps are the forced labour transfer schemes where Uyghurs and Tibetans are scattered across China in small groups to work as forced labour for Amazon, Nike etc.  Over 80,000 Uyghurs have been forced out of Xinjiang in this way.  The factories that use them pay a charge per head, the labourers are then housed in separate blocks with Chinese "minders" to ensure that they do not engage in religious worship or other "subversive" activity.China is also demolishing

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Google, Twitter, Facebook are all biased. This is serious.

7 days ago

When the tech giants rose to power I had an uneasy feeling that this was the start of something dangerous.  What is to stop companies like Google, Twitter and Facebook from simply, automatically, suppressing political opinions that they detest?  What is to stop them from taking money to do this?China already uses its equivalent of Google – Baidu – to stop any freedom of speech.  Search for Tienanmen Square on Baidu and you will find that the reports of deaths and demos are a myth.  Sadly the same thing is happening here.The US website Breitbart , which by UK standards is fairly right wing, is an interesting case.  It was savagely cut from visibility in July 2017 and has recovered to an apparently artificially imposed ceiling in March this year after complaints. Data from SISTRIXBreitbart

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Why do so many British people hate Britain?

9 days ago

We all know Guardian reading men who will launch into a diatribe against the UK at the touch of a pro-UK button.  We have all heard it:  "How can you say this country is worth preserving when it is run by corrupt big business and people who don’t give a damn?", "The British have done nothing but colonise and destroy" and so on.This hatred of their own country originated in the wartime generation.  After the war there were many ex-servicemen who really hated what had happened to them.  They knew that the war had to be done but hated Churchill, the "nation" and the people who were associated with their misery.  I can remember a friend’s father, who had lost a finger from frostbite in Austria, raising his mutilated hand and telling us that the posh f**kers are "b*stards.  He had voted for

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Fact Checkers rely on one source for origins of COVID19

12 days ago

The recent paper by  Li-Meng Yan et al  that argues that COVID19 originated in a laboratory has been universally condemned by "fact checkers".  Li Meng Yan risked her life to bring this truth to our news media.  Facebook and other social media sites are removing coverage as "fake news".Where do the "fact checkers" get their "facts"?  It turns out that they are all using a single scientific paper  "The proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2, by Kristian Anderson et al" published in Nature and reports that reference this paper.This Nature paper is strange because in its summary it says "Our analyses clearly show that SARS-CoV-2 is not a laboratory construct or a purposefully manipulated virus." but in the paper itself it says something very different.The argument that the virus could not be made in a

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More Evidence that COVID19 was Man Made.

14 days ago

A new paper by Li-Meng Yan et al has just been released that demonstrates how the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID19 could be synthesised in the laboratory.  The incredibly brave Li-Meng had to flee Hong Kong to bring this report to the notice of the world.  Let us hope that journalists in the UK are a tenth as brave and finally cover what almost certainly happened in Wuhan.The report proposes that a base virus (called ZC45/ZXC21) was converted in the lab to SARS-CoV-2.  It points to three pieces of evidence covering the base virus that was used in the synthesis, the binding apparatus that the new virus uses to enter cells and a special modification to increase infectivity.  The early studies of SARS-CoV-2 show that the base virus has identical E protein and near identical Orf8 protein

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The Origins of Racism in the UK and the Cure

15 days ago

The origins of racism are straightforward.  Either the bulk of the population dislikes a certain racial characteristic because it is strange, distasteful for some reason or has cultural connotations or those with a racial characteristic become separated from the bulk of society for other reasons such as recent migration.  Races become concentrated in localities called ghettos.  The word "Ghetto" is now accreting a racist connotation and I will discuss this below.Once separated the racial group may become more or less prosperous than the society at large.  If the group becomes less prosperous it can enter a downward spiral of poverty and racial discrimination because the adults transmit messages and attitudes of despair and alienation to their children.  Poor racial ghettos are prone to

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Arctic Ice and Wildfires

16 days ago

The Arctic Sea ice will have its second lowest extent on record this year:Blue line = 2020 It is hard to guess when the Arctic will be ice free.  The trend seems to have stalled since 2012.If we assume that 2007 to 2012 was unusual then the downward trend points at 2030-40 before the Arctic is ice free in the summer.  The wildfire season has been severe this summer in some parts of the USA.  The data seems to show that the area burned is generally increasing.  For instance in Canada:In the USA wildfires have been increasing recently but from a low base after the US progressively introduced control measures almost a century ago:What has really changed is that there are far more people in fire-prone areas so the human cost has increased greatly.The world is getting hotter, especially in the

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China stocking up for economic or real warfare?

19 days ago

China is currently stockpiling commodities on a massive scale.  It has also announced a huge program of commodity purchases in 2021.This stockpiling has three possible justifications.  The first is that it will make China resilient against any short term economic pressure from the West.  The second is that it prepares China for war in the next decade.  Were China to be the object of international sanctions it would only have a year or two before its stockpile was exhausted so if a real war is the objective it would happen shortly after any international sanctions are imposed.  The third is to protect its economy from fluctuations in commodity prices so that it can buy commodities when prices are low and use stores when they are high. China has been doing this for years so it is an unlikely

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Britain has already ceded Northern Ireland. Politicians must accept this.

19 days ago

The Good Friday Agreement was designed to manage a slow transition of Northern Ireland into Union with the Republic of Ireland. The Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement states that:"2. Subject to paragraph 3, the Secretary of State shall exercise the power under paragraph 1 [to hold a Referendum on Union] if at any time it appears likely to him that a majority of those voting would express a wish that Northern Ireland should cease to be part of the United Kingdom and form part of a united Ireland."  The Irish understand all of this as meaning that if demographics or events should at any time persuade the majority of people in Northern Ireland to unite with the Republic of Ireland then a Referendum must be held to confirm the will of the people of Northern Ireland.  The demographics mean that a

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Are social changes damaging children’s mental health?

20 days ago

NHS figures show that almost a quarter of 17 to 19 year old girls in the UK suffer from emotional disorders such as anxiety and depression. NHS Mental Health of Children 2017These disorders are thought to be more the result of environmental influences rather than genetics.The frequency of emotional mental illness in the young is rising.  The graph below does not include the 17-19 age group and does not separate males and females.If the 5-15 year old girls are separated using the raw data there is a 62% increase over the past 18 years:The effect would probably be greater if data were available for 17-19 year olds.The major cause of this illness is well known and it is getting worse:Increases in Depression, Self‐Harm, and Suicide Among U.S. Adolescents After 2012 and Links to Technology Use:

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Northern Ireland and the Withdrawal Agreement

21 days ago

Brandon Lewis, who voted Remain in the EU Referendum, exposed the Government to international and media censure when he announced that the proposed changes to cross border trade will "break international law".  This is not just disloyal to the UK and the Government, it is also technically incorrect.  The changes that the Government are considering are outlined in the Internal Market Bill.  This Bill relies on the European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Act 2020, section 38 which declares that the UK Parliament is sovereign and in particular not bound by several Articles of the Withdrawal Agreement.  The EU will have been aware of this Act and should have complained of "Treaty Violations" at the time of the Act.  The departures from the Withdrawal Agreement in the new Internal Market Bill are

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Chinese fire shots on Indian border

21 days ago

On Monday the Chinese army opened fire at the China-India border for the first time since 1975.  The firing seems to have been warning shots made as the Indians and Chinese jockeyed for the high ground and passes in Ladakh.  The firing follows an attempt by 1000 Chinese troops to occupy the south bank of the Pangon Tso river on the 28th of August.The Pentagon’s latest report, "Military and Security Developments Involving the Peoples Republic of China 2020 ", predicts that China will double it’s nuclear weapons capability over the next decade. The report points out that "As Party leaders view a divided China as a weak China, they argue that “full reunification”—unification with Taiwan on Beijing’s terms and completing Hong Kong and Macau’s integration by the end  of  2049—is  a

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The Fisheries and other “Stumbling Blocks” in EU Negotiations.

23 days ago

The EU, in their European Council Guidelines of 23 March 2018(i) for negotiating an FTA between the EU and UK state that."In the overall context of the FTA, existing reciprocal access to fishing waters and resources should be maintained;”The EU are laying claim to UK territory and resources.The EU are determined "to protect [EU] fishing enterprises and coastal communities" by demanding access to British waters.The EU are also insisting that the EU should be involved in the regulation of fishing stocks in UK waters.The message does not seem to have percolated through to EU member states: the UK has left the EU and is sovereign over its own territory and this includes the 200 nautical mile exclusive economic zone.The stumbling blocks in the negotiations, according to Barnier,

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Politically Correct: being a Corrector and stopping Tony Abbott

25 days ago

Being Politically Correct has been called a new religion.  This is true in the sense that it is believed with the same religious fervour as communism or national socialism is believed.  The new generation of Political Correctors use their beliefs to limit
conversation and thought in the same way as Puritans and this is also
typical of religious practice.The Political Correctors in the classroom and home have focussed on bringing up their children according to their beliefs.  Political correctness has arisen in the same way as national socialism (nazism) gained power, being spread by teachers, academics and the middle classes in general with the aim of indoctrinating children.  The indoctrination of children is also typical of religions. Like national socialists and communists the

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The History Curriculum for Schools

27 days ago

The function of school history is to provide a general knowledge of the events that have shaped the nation.  The teaching of British history lost focus over the past 50 years because the majority of academics believed that the UK was going to merge with the EU and the government was happy for the emphasis to be put on international history.  Now that the UK has left the EU a new history curriculum is needed that provides a British rather than an Internationalist perspective.This curriculum should start with the idea of The Nation.  The British Nation is a group of people who share resources such as roads, hospitals, schools, landscape and urban centres that are based on an area of land.  There are other types of Nation but the Island location and size of the UK mean that the people can, to

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BBC Racism Must be Stopped

28 days ago

Helena Kennedy has just produced a program "The Anatomy of Guilt" that makes the repeated assertion that British people should be held responsible for the role of a small and select band of their ancestors who dealt in slavery 200 years or more ago.  Slavery was not a crime over 200 years ago in almost any country in the world.The thesis of the concluding remarks in the program is that the modern British (ie: the entire race) should be held guilty for the crimes that "they" have committed.Consider the definition of racism in the dictionary:"prejudice,
discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on
the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group.." Or the Crown Prosecution Service definition of racist Hate Crime:"Any incident/crime which is

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The Media Declares War!

August 28, 2020

What would happen if the Broadcast Media combined and launched an attack on the People?  They would not tell you it was them, they would select those events that made it appear as if the whole world had shifted to their opinions, they would choose a "moral" basis to condemn their opponents, they would no-platform any opposition and provide copious positive coverage of their supporters.Has the media launched an attack?  They have motivation.  Senior management and staff across the broadcast media were devastated
by Brexit and Trump, not because of racism etc. but because it damaged
their prospects.  Employment in the media is insecure and most British actors and journalists hope to get wider employment opportunities in the USA, Australia etc.  The companies that run the broadcasters have

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Brexit – the True Story

August 22, 2020

The campaign to create a European Union began after WWI. After the war the Germans were weakened and facing a growing threat from the USSR (The Communist Russian Empire).  Count Coudenhove-Kalergi founded "Paneuropa" to lobby for a European Union to counter this Russian threat.  Paneuropa is still alive and well today and many MEPs claim affiliation.(You may have a problem believing the history below, if you do then just click on the copious links to check the sources of the statements made). Paneuropa envisaged a far left European Union run by Jews.  This was in the interwar years when people just said racist things like that.  Adolf Hitler was not a fan and part of his hatred of the Jews was related to the policies of Paneuropa. According to British standards Coudenhove-Kalergi and

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The European Movement was responsible for Black Wednesday

August 21, 2020

The British membership of the EU has always been the responsibility of the "European Movement", a shadowy organisation that was established after WWII as part of the post war plan for pacifying Europe.  The European Movement set up and arranged the finance for the Remain campaign in the EU Referendum, opposed the euro-sceptics in the Irish referendums and campaigned for the "People’s Vote" etc.In 1990 the UK began the preliminary adjustments to join the Euro.  This involved being a member of the ERM (The European Exchange Rate Mechanism) in which the exchange rate of the pound versus other European currencies was fixed. On 16th September 1992 the foreign exchange markets began selling pounds and the Bank of England at first intervened too late and then, with the German Bundesbank

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The Russians won it! Psychological Operations in the West.

August 19, 2020

There was huge interference from the Russians in the Referendum, Leave used funny money to vastly outspend Remain and the message on the bus swung the vote and was illegal.  Why should Remainers give way and accept the result when Leavers were fooled by lies?  Most Remain voters I have met believe this.It is all obvious nonsense – four years before the Referendum Leave were far ahead in the polls and it was concerted campaigning by the Government and BBC  from 2013 to the Referendum that brought Remain within a hair’s breadth of victory.  Cameron was so certain that Remain had swung the vote that he even ordered the Civil Service to drop planning for the possibility of a Leave victory.But what about the Russians? All real studies of Russian involvement show it was negligible and there is

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The Lessons from History

August 18, 2020

Our history tells us that gradual change is the answer, we should be
proud of our history and not be derailed by those who think the history
of this country lies in the long gone British Empire.  The British Empire is the province of upper class guilt, the guilt of upper class BBC presenters and Journalists,  it has nothing to do with us.  Our history is about the Civil War and the subsequent steady forging of our modern state.The first lesson from British history is to keep calm and carry on. Steady and sincere change is infinitely superior to revolution. The second lesson from history is very simple:  people are going off to work, feeding their families, chatting to their friends then, suddenly, there is a war or the government system is entirely changed.Massive, de-stabilising events

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A Levels, COVID19, Migration, Brexit: Civil Service incompetence.

August 17, 2020

Since COVID19 there has been huge criticism in the media of Boris Johnson’s 8 month old Government but little if any criticism of the apparatus of Government, the Civil Service and other Government agencies.  Ofqual is the current example of failure.  It is established by law as a non-ministerial department for which direct political oversight has been judged unnecessary.  The failure of Ofqual was to look at the A Level awards disaster in Scotland and then permit almost the same incompetent shambles to happen in England.  This was an epic level of incompetence.Public Health England (PHE) is another example.  At the outbreak of the COVID19 epidemic in February and March they repeatedly stated that international arrivals were not a significant risk.  Millions of people arrived in the UK in

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The Left Behind

August 13, 2020

"The popularists are breaking down the consensus that was leading to peace.  The rise of Nationalism is threatening the World Order."  We have all heard these statements.  What do those who say these things believe?The statements tell us what they believe.  They believe that the world was aspiring to peace through a process of removing Nation States.  Trump and Brexit, although two separate and very different events, are seen as threatening this belief.It is peculiar that the belief in world government should still be around in 2020.  In 1990 it made sense because the "West" was triumphant.  Thirty years later, a whole generation later, the world has moved on.  China is the richest country in the world (PPP basis), Russia is a resurgent superpower, India, Israel and Pakistan have nuclear

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UK Killer Journalists?

August 11, 2020

This week the news has been full of hundreds of migrants crossing the channel, COVID19 and race relations.  The BBC has interviewed champions of migrants and dismissed all proposals for  stopping the flow, in the case of COVID19 the journalistic coverage was peculiarly tardy and combative and in the case of Black Lives Matter it seems dedicated to polarisation.  Are the journalists likely to cause deaths through their reporting?What the journalists have not done is to look at the recent migrant crisis in the Mediterranean.  The EU is taking harsh measures that have dramatically reduced migrant deaths at sea:In 2014 the UK journalists were at the forefront of those demanding that migrants crossing the Mediterranean should be "rescued" and brought to the UK.  Conservatively they indirectly

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BBC News Suppression to 9/8/2020

August 10, 2020

To fulfill its Charter the BBC is charged with offering "a range and
depth of analysis and content not widely available from other United
Kingdom news providers". 
Does the BBC fulfill its Charter obligation? Illegal Migration across the Channel has risen sharply.  The BBC explanation for this is that the UK is such an attractive place that all the migrants want to come here.   The next BBC article is about Black Lives Matter in Britain and the article implies there is a huge problem with racism in the UK.  There is an inconsistency between the BBC reports of the UK being an attractive place for migrants and the UK being the site of rampant racism.  Furthermore the BBC suppresses the context of migration from the EU and never covers EU Racism – see: EU Racism is far worse than UK and

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China and Russia Launch War on Dollar?

August 7, 2020

Much of the power of the "West" has lain in the power of the US Dollar as a reserve currency.  It has given the USA the power to impose sanctions unilaterally on other countries because it can threaten third parties with denial of access to clearance facilities such as "Swift".  If the USA says there should be no trade with Iran even French companies will obey. It also allows the US to sustain a huge Current Account deficit.The way around this problem for likely targets of sanctions is to de-dollarise, to insist that foreign trade occurs in gold, Yuan, Euros etc.  Historically this has been difficult because the dollar was king and the targets of sanctions were minor economies compared with the West.  Thanks to globalisation and the astonishing admission of China to the WTO in 2001 some

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What is Happening in the World Today

August 5, 2020

Gold is at £1500 an ounce. A huge hike in the price of gold is always a sign of trouble.  We should all know that China is the biggest threat to global peace but the rest of the world is trying its best to compete.The most interesting event is the threatened annexation of 30% of the West Bank by Israel. Prime Minister Netanyahu may be fighting a November election on this plan.  It has been approved by Trump.  Superficially it looks like the dream solution for Israel, separating the Palestinian West Bank from Jordan and dicing and slicing the remnant.  Having been to much of the Middle East it is hard to imagine anything that could make the Arabs and Iranians hate Israel any more than they do but this might be the way to do it.Staying with the Middle East, Turkey seems to be using the

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