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BBC News

1 day ago

The BBC suppresses any news that favours leaving the EU.Check these links to find out what the BBC should have told the nation:Imports from CalaisPorts of Entry in NIBarnier preferred Canada Plus Racism in the EUTrade Deficit and RegionalisationCurrent Account DeficitBank of England and Treasury ReportsThe foreign "European Movement" runs RemainThe European Movement, a foreign organisation, controls the UK media, especially the BBC, through its powerful members.  It also controls Ofcom’s Charter committee which allows the BBC to suppress news with impunity.That the largely EU financed European Movement controls UK media cannot be in doubt – they control the rest of Remain.

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Movement of Goods after a No Deal Brexit

3 days ago

UK ports imported 248m tonnes of produce and exported 138m tonnes in 2017. (See UK Port Freight Statistics 2017.Click to enlarge.
Dover was responsible for only 26m tonnes of the total 386m tonnes of international freight transported in 2017.Top 10 major ports + All other tonnage
Dover moved 15.5m tonnes inwards and 10.7 m tonnes outwards. Even in the worst case after Brexit the pictures of queuing lorries going into Dover might be impressive for a few weeks but it will have little effect overall on UK trade.The major "fear" expressed in the media for a No Deal Brexit is an alleged inability to import food and other essentials such as medicines.  This will depend nearly entirely on the speed with which the Port Authorities inspect incoming freight at Dover and other ports.  In principle

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Why are Traitors Accepted in Britain?

3 days ago

The division in British society that is crudely marked by the Remain/Leave division has been present since the Second World War.  It is not a new phenomenon.In the 1950s and 1960s Britain was a nakedly classist society and the classism worked both ways.  Working class people despised middle class people and vice versa.  The average factory was the scene of simmering resentment to such an extent that factory managers would threaten workers with the sack for insubordination if they suggested improvements.Society was divided into working people and those who believed working people were threatening and ignorant. In the 1950s the middle class zeitgeist was still that there was opportunity to manage business and pursue a profession overseas in the empire and Commonwealth so the British working

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No Deal Fake News

8 days ago

This article will provide clear, click through links to all of its source data.  Click on these links whenever you feel that you must check a source.First of all, what are the current economists’ predictions for the UK economy for 2019 to 2020?

These predictions are all sourced, click on the links below to check them: PwC Economic Outlook July 2019 (includes Q2 2019).BCC: British Chambers of Commerce includes Q1 2019.Bank of England August – see p 30 and p33.KPMG Growth ForecastOBR Economic OutlookIMF World Economic Outlook Table 1.European Commission: Euro Area GrowthWhat? No cliff-edge disaster catastrophe armageddon for a No Deal Brexit? Of course not. The economists all got burnt in 2016 with predictions for immediate UK recession after the EU Referendum and most don’t want to do it

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The economy, value of pound, trade in July 2019

19 days ago

The graphs below summarise the current state of the UK economy:

The central, grey line is the Purchase Power Parity (PPP) of the pound – what it is really worth in the UK to buy things, this is the real value of the pound. The coloured lines show when the $ value of the pound is 20% out of kilter with the PPP value and speculators will all start buying pounds to make a killing on the markets.  Recent talk by economics journalists about the value of sterling is largely propaganda about Brexit.  The graphs below show why the PPP value has been falling:

Much of the trade and current account losses go to the EU, especially Germany.

Despite these dreadful figures the UK has been under the same economic cloud as most of the rest of the major EU economies (except Germany): [embedded

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Welsh Lamb Propaganda

24 days ago

There has been a great deal about the "terrible" effects of Brexit on the Welsh lamb industry. What is the truth?Only about 30-40% of Welsh sheep meat is exported:

The Welsh sheep industry was worth c.£278m to the Welsh economy in 2018.
Only about £70m of meat of all types is exported by Wales:

So the Welsh sheep meat industry is likely to need less than £35 million a year to entirely subsidise 100% of its exports to the EU.Given that, after a WTO Brexit there will be billions paid by EU food exporters to the UK in tariffs the total subsidy to Welsh farmers would be a tiny amount and easily affordable.  The government should act quickly to reassure Welsh sheep farmers.  Media sources that fail to mention that Welsh sheep meat is a tiny issue in the context of Brexit are simply

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The No Deal predictions

July 23, 2019

Prior to considering any of the predictions for a No Deal Brexit it is worthwhile to get a sense of perspective about the role of the EU in the UK economy.

In 2016 exports to the EU constituted only 12% of UK GDP. ( See Exports of Goods and Services to EU28 (L84Y), Exports of Goods and Services Total (ikbh). ) Bear this in mind when you hear estimates of Brexit reducing GDP by 15% or more, they are clearly just trying to scare you.  The UK is not a "great trading nation" nowadays, most UK GDP is generated by the internal economy, not by International Trade.  Several groups of economists (such as Rabobank and HM Treasury) have got so carried away with their negative predictions that they have failed to check whether they still fit with any plausible reality.  Unfortunately journalists

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

July 22, 2019

Six good things about the UK. We have been at peace for almost 85 years apart from minor skirmishes.  Education until the age of 18 and healthcare is free, it is not in many countries, including many communist countries.  Britain still has some glorious landscapes gardened by centuries of stability.  Crime is rare over much of the country.  We can start our own businesses and liberate ourselves from direct control of our working lives.  We still have substantial remnants of free speech.Six bad things about the UK.The Media Industry is rampant so that many live through media.  The efficiency and funding of government services is always being compromised by government and management.  The built environment is perpetually expanding.  Communitarianism and Corporatism, which is the path to

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“Leavers are not my sort of people”

July 22, 2019

I have had quiet conversations with several Remain backers over the past couple of weeks.  All three were absolutely clear that Leave voters did not really understand what they were voting for.  They said this to me, someone who has read the EU Treaties and studied the history of the EU, explored UK-EU Economic Relations and even read the Belfast Agreement yet voted Leave.When I pointed out that the Leave voters I know were all clear that the EU is becoming a Nation State that is steadily usurping the independence of the UK the Remain supporters all said "No, Leave didn’t vote for that, they voted for the £350m a week pledge on the bus".  This is said despite the fact that the Brexit Bus appeared on 11th May 2016 and had
no discernible effect on opinion polls.  The claim that the slogan

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Stopping the Remain MPs

July 18, 2019

In 1997 John Major prorogued Parliament on 21st March, formally dissolved Parliament on the 8th April and held a General Election on 1st May.  A similar schedule is likely to be followed by Boris Johnson if the EU fails to come up with a deal that is acceptable to Parliament.  Prorogue on 31st October, formally dissolve Parliament on 18th November and hold an election on 13th December.The earliest date for an election after October 31st is 25 days after dissolution of Parliament, ie: 25th November, if proroguing is not possible. This schedule cannot be easily stopped by Parliament.  Even if the prorogue were resisted Johnson still has 25 days after the UK has declared that it has left the EU before an election. The Conservative’s grip on power is weakening by the month and by-elections

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Large rise in reports of Racism to Police

July 16, 2019

The Crime Survey of England and Wales, which uses large samples of the whole population, shows that Racial and Religious hate crime is falling:

You can check the graph above by adding racial and religious hate crime figures given on page 6 of the House of Commons Briefing Paper (click the link). The recent police figures for hate crime that have been trumpeted loudly in the media show an increase. The police say hate crime is rising and the Crime Survey shows it is falling. Why is there a difference? This is the analysis of this discrepancy between the police and crime survey data that was given by the police themselves:"The Office for National Statistics have stated that increases in recent years in police recorded violence against the person and public order offences are thought to

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What Journalists should know about Brexit

July 12, 2019

If, as a journalist or news editor, you know about the facts below but have never reported them you should seriously consider your ethics. John Major, the man who threatened to see the Government in court if it prorogued Parliament did this himself in 1997 – see The Sleaze Report. Yes John Major prorogued Parliament.The Belfast/Good Friday Agreement does not mention trade nor the type of
border to be implemented between the UK and Republic of Ireland.  See Belfast Agreement.  Austerity was motivated by the EU Stability and Growth Pact – see Treasury Committee Report on Austerity and was sanctioned by Vince Cable in 2010. See Budget 2010: United in Austerity .Racism is far, far worse in the EU than in the UK – see  EU Racism is far worse than UK.  This is significant if the UK were to

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AI: Saviour or Nemesis?

July 9, 2019

Now we have heard both strands of the AI debate.  Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk and Bill Gates have warned that Artificial Intelligence is the greatest threat to humanity and now, in his book "Novacene", James Lovelock predicts that AI’s will save us.AIs are used to spot trends in data to direct advertising, recruitment etc., to replace workers, as guidance devices including guidance for military systems, as higher accuracy pattern recognition devices and by States such as China to monitor and prevent civil disobedience.  As time goes by their roles will increase.At present AIs are tools employed by corporations and public sector organisations to increase the efficiency and speed of their operations.  AIs are an extension of the intentions of their owners.  There is no rule in nature that

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EU Racism is far worse than UK

July 2, 2019

Black people in Italy are 13 times more likely to experience housing discrimination than black people in the UK. In France and Germany they are twice as likely to experience general discrimination in a year as in the UK.These figures are shocking.  The figures for racial harassment are just as bad. See Second European Union Minorities and Discrimination Survey: Being Black in the EU.The exceptional nature of the UK within the EU has been noted by the United Nations Committee on Protection against Racial Discrimination in Europe which praised the UK: "It is noteworthy that this State party’s equality legislation has been welcomed by the Committee on a number of previous occasions and that it was the first of its kind among EU Member States, dating back to 1976 (and its predecessor to

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Brexit and the Media

July 1, 2019

Broadcast journalists and comedians are almost uniformly anti-Brexit.  Curiously this unanimity of outlook applies to many other areas.If there were a billion people on the Earth global warming would not be happening.  Global warming is the effect of seven billion people (and rising) on the planet.  Journalists uniformly neglect to mention this obvious truth. Comedians will joke about a politician having a large car but pass over royals or prime ministers having four or five children without mention.Journalists cover President Trump as the greatest threat to mankind but somehow Xi Jinping, the tyrant in charge of China, is ignored.  Putin is only regularly mentioned in the context of (now disproved) Russian intervention in the EU Referendum.If we have a few more summers in Europe like

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Nick Clegg, Theresa Hunt and Tobias Ellwood

June 24, 2019

The Brexit News for 24th June. Nick Clegg has hit the headlines as Facebook’s £1m a year, £7m package Vice President of Global Affairs.  His most important statement is that the Russians and Cambridge Analytica did not use Facebook to influence the EU Referendum in 2016.   We already knew this but perhaps this absolutely clear denial from Nick Clegg, a passionate Remain supporter, will stop the BBC from implying that the EU Referendum was rigged.Like Tony Blair, the £2m a year JP Morgan International Director and George Osborne, the £650,000 a year Blackrock Director, Clegg is being paid off for his support of Multinational Corporations.  Has he beaten Blair’s pay packet? Only the Rich List will resolve this issue in 10 years time.The BBC has just re-awakened the 17th February threat by

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Shed tears for this world

June 21, 2019

Many years ago I was walking across the fields of southern Anatolia watching the men scything wheat in the shimmering heat. I sat to drink. A song of loneliness and yearning came from a minaret half a mile away and the men in their baggy trousers came and sat next to me offering flat bread.I remember sleeping in Normandy in a hotel above a bar on a bowed bed.  In the morning walking to the boulangerie for hot bread, queuing behind the housewives who were loudly joking with the owner.   Late in the evening joining the argument in the outdoor restaurant, the wine having turned the meal into a general symposium as tables ceased being boundaries and everyone discussed the world.Many years ago I sat on a camel cart sharing a conical indian rollie with a scarcely clad teenager as a Sarangi

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Boris Johnson must explain Brexit to win the country.

June 20, 2019

The bulk of those who support Remain want to hear why we are embarking on Brexit.  They really do not know.  Boris Johnson must explain why leaving the EU is essential.The most important reason for leaving the EU is that it has been given power over most aspects of government.  It delegates this power to the EU Nations at the moment but can take it back whenever it desires. Don’t believe this? Click here for full details.  No further formal Treaties are needed for the EU to adopt almost full governmental power over the UK.  This in itself should be enough reason for anyone who wants to live in an independent country to leave.There will be some people who are not sure that they want to live in an independent country if the EU provides prosperity.  But the EU is not now providing

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Why don’t the English want to be in the EU?

June 18, 2019

Without the Scots and Northern Irish the vote for Independence in the EU Referendum would have been overwhelming:

there were to be a Second Referendum on EU Membership, so breaking the
"once in a generation" rule on referendums, the Scottish and Northern
Irish should be given Independence Referendums first so that any doubt
about whether they wish to be part of the UK is resolved.  It would be
absurd for those who are leaving the UK to determine the future of the whole UK.The most obvious reason that the English do not want to be in the EU is that England is culturally distinct from the rest of Europe as can be seen from the Inglehart–Welzel Cultural Map:

The Northern Irish are distinct from the English and, although not shown, we might suspect that the Scots are also

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IMF and Treasury Predict WTO Brexit will be Fine!

June 8, 2019

The IMF and Treasury produced reports in 2016 that closely analysed the UK and international economy.  The results of these reports should be read by everyone who is opposed to a No Deal Brexit.The IMF Country Report 16 on the United Kindom has this graph on p31 showing the process of Brexit.

Fortunately the disastrous recession that the IMF predicted for 2017 did not happen. Notice that in the "Adverse Scenario" – the No Deal Scenario – the IMF calculated good growth after Brexit actually happens.The HM Treasury Analysis: The immediate economic impact of leaving the EU has a similar outlook to the IMF:

 Notice that neither of these documents predicted a disaster after the UK actually leaves the EU.  In fact the IMF predicted good growth.Of course, we now know that both of these

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The Reality of the EU

June 4, 2019

Here is a guide for Remain voters so that they can answer the charge that they are focusing on vilifying UK Leave voters rather than supporting an exciting project for the future of the UK.On immigration they can point out that the EU now has a Return Directive so that those trying to cross the Mediterranean are turned around within 5 days and sent back.  There are 10,000 EU border control staff equipped with boats and planes to stop migration.  Those crazy brexiteers can now learn how to implement borders from the EU.On fascism they can tell voters that they only need to wait if they favour National Socialism. This is the future of the EU:

If  voters are unhappy with the right wing offer of the British political parties the EU now provides real power for parties that are politically on

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The Case against Philip Hammond and HM Treasury

May 30, 2019

It will be shown that Philip Hammond, whilst in the public office of Chancellor of the Exchequer, willfully indulged in misconduct to a degree that was an abuse of the public’s trust.The misconduct was calculated to injure the public interest and was an affront to the standing of the office of Chancellor. The offence under consideration created clear harm to the public interest.In November 2018 the Bank of England produced a report: EU withdrawal scenarios and monetary and financial stability and in January 2018  The CrossWhiteHall Briefing on the effects of Brexit was produced, both of which were subsequently abused by the Treasury and Chancellor to mislead the public.Hammond described the effect of a No Deal Brexit to the Treasury Select Committee and the public at large as: "in a no

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The case against George Osborne, Philip Hammond and the Treasury

May 30, 2019

This paper considers whether George Osborne, Philip Hammond and senior Treasury officials should be prosecuted for Misconduct in a Public Office.Prior to the EU Referendum the HM Treasury issued a document called: HM Treasury analysis: the immediate economic impact of leaving the EUThis document was widely used by campaigners to argue that the EU Referendum itself would cause a disaster for the UK economy in the period between the Referendum and the expiry of the Article 50 notice period.It was evident subsequently that the predictions in this document for huge unemployment and a dramatic reduction in GDP did not occur.  On Page 57 of the report this shocking graph was shown:

The annotation in coloured type has been added to explain the graph.The
Treasury paper was prefaced with this

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The Choice is now Brexit or Project Fear – just like in the Referendum

May 27, 2019

After they signed May’s Withdrawal Agreement the EU said there would be no more negotiations. They stood firm on this during two "deadlines" in March and May. There really are no more negotiations possible.This means the UK can either Leave with a No Deal/WTO Brexit or Revoke Article 50.  These are the only alternatives being left to the UK by the EU.No Deal will be fine (see Why Brexit will be fine, deal or no deal) but the Remain lobby will build up a ferocious Project Fear campaign saying that No Deal will cause utter poverty, plague and megadeaths.The choice confronting voters and government is still the same as that in 2016:The choice is Independence versus Project Fear as it always has been.Let us hope that we finally get a government with the courage to explain why Project Fear is

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The Departure of Theresa May Means Hope for the UK

May 24, 2019

The departure of Theresa May offers Britain a glimmer of hope in the current constitutional crisis.  I will describe how a pro-independence successor could turn events around.You may be thinking "how can anyone solve the crisis when No Deal will be a catastrophe?".  Perhaps you might reconsider this belief.In 2016 The Treasury and Bank of England made
up a story ("Project Fear Mk1") that said that the UK economy would
suffer a dramatic collapse comparable with the worst economic slumps in
UK history after the Referendum.  This did not happen.The
Bank of England and Treasury have now made up a similar story about "No
Deal Brexit".  In this story the UK population grows by 400,000 less people a
year, which is a relative reduction of 0.7% in UK population every year,  and this lowers

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Corporatism and Communitarianism

May 19, 2019

The EU is the work of a group of people, the "European Movement" who strongly believe that they know what is best for the people of Europe.The "European Movement" is a hugely powerful organisation that is the chief promulgator of Communitariansim in the EU.  It founded the Bilderberg Group of Multinational Corporations to finance and press its case and runs National Units such as the European Movement UK.  The European Movement UK runs the campaign for a Second Referendum and is the principal body behind all the Remain campaigns  (See funding of StrongerIn).  It is shocking that the UK Media scarcely mentions the European Movement or the Bilderberg Group, these two organisations are immensely powerful and most journalists are too cowardly to risk crossing them.  Anyone who even mentions

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The anniversary of the moon landing in 1969

May 18, 2019

It is 50 years since a man first stepped foot on the moon (20th July 1969).  Why go back?Not long after the moon landings it became apparent that the solar system was a desert.  Mars did not have canals and luxuriant vegetation and the clouds of Venus were composed of sulphuric acid not harbingers of a steamy vegetative paradise.  Despite beautiful pictures of the outer planets and the burgeoning satellite industry the general public lost interest in people actually going into space and exploring it.The public view is slowly changing.  It is now clear that solar systems with planets are very common in our galaxy and over 4000 of these "exoplanets" have been discovered.  The panspermia hypothesis that life is transmitted through space has also been going from strength to strength after the

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The EU Elections: likely outcomes and consequences

May 17, 2019

Although the meteoric rise of the Brexit Party is making the news the most interesting feature of the European Elections is that the polls suggest that for the first time the right and far right will gain control of the EU Parliament.

In France the National Rally (aka National Front) is tied with Macron’s grey suits.  In Italy the League and 5 Star are way out in front of the other parties.  In Germany, although not in the majority, the AfD is increasing its vote by about 25%.Most of these right and far right parties now support remaining in the EU.  They desire a right or far right EU.It is ironic that the pro-EU movement in the UK sells itself as centre left when their most fervent desire is to increase the power of what is destined to be, at the least, a right wing EU.This brings us

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There are lies and there are lies

May 17, 2019

When parties list their core values to get votes and then do the exact opposite democracy can no longer function.There is no point in attending an election or referendum if your vote not only has no effect but is cynically exploited so that those who are elected have the power to do the opposite of what they claimed to believe.Politicians such as Oliver Letwin and Yvette Cooper, the fanatical Labour Remain supporter, promised openly in the 2017 election to support UK Independence and leave the EU.  They then pushed to get "No Deal" outlawed so that the EU can just sit on its hands and wait for the UK to beg to Remain.  They deliberately overturned the Referendum.The sheer cynicism of these politicians is breathtaking.  They literally spit on the electorate, treating them as ignorant

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Postmodern Environmentalism: What can be done to save the world without limiting human population growth?

May 13, 2019

If there were 1000 million people on the earth there would be scarcely any news about ecosystem collapse or global warming.  There would be large areas of wild land, there would be open landscapes and peace within a few miles of any home.There are now 7000 million people on the earth.  The most striking feature of the various reports on the huge damage this population growth has caused, such as the UK National Ecosystem Assessment and the UN’s IPBES press report: Nature’s Dangerous Decline ‘Unprecedented’; Species Extinction Rates ‘Accelerating’, is that they assume that population growth is unstoppable.  Compared with all the factors considered in these reports population growth itself is probably the easiest variable to control.  Population growth is never tackled and it appears that

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