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Got a new EV? Curing range anxiety and other issues.

May 13, 2021

I just bought an MG5 electric car with a range of 214 miles.  I bought it because it was on special offer at £18,000 and was a hell of a lot of new car for that price.  My old car had gone way past its sell-by date and it was time to change but when I looked at the mud in the back where my dogs shook themselves and the scratches on the sides from the narrow country lanes I was confronted with an awkward decision.  Should I buy an expensive new petrol car that was likely to plummet in second hand value within 10 years as new petrol cars become banned, or a second hand petrol car or take the plunge and buy electric?  Decent second hand petrol estates (dog cars) cost £10,000 and might have problems entering cities within five years so the £18000 special offer on a new MG5 clinched it.  I have

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Darwin, Lincoln, Churchill..why was the past racist?

May 9, 2021

If we probe almost any life story before 1900 we can find evidence of racist speech and publications.  The mass media are busy stretching this discovery into "horrified" coverage of individuals from history but is it moral to single out individuals?  Should we allow the philistines to mount a new cultural revolution against all of history like the Maoists of the 1960s?There are two main reasons for the racism of the past.  The first is that races are a result of separate development in different countries and different parts of the world so that the existence of race is mostly a result of racism.  The second is that for almost two hundred years Europe was as different from tribal and less developed societies as aliens would be from humans today.I believe that the diversity of humanity is

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The EU Shows why Brexit was necessary

May 6, 2021

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Stopping shipments of vaccines to NI, launching a smear campaign against Astra Zeneca and now threatening the supply of electricity to the Channel Islands all demonstrate the EU style of diplomacy that others outside of the EU have been experiencing for years.  It is called bullying.The EU uses the stick as a first move, not a last resort. It confirms my view that a Franco-German superstate is an unpleasant development. The UK, with only a tiny fraction of the votes in the EU, had been unable to stop EU bullying in places like the Ukraine or Greece but our pro-EU media had always played down the nastiness of the EU.  Now we can see the EU from the outside it should be clear that we are dealing with a monster.  It will only get worse and we should be

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The USA and UK are under attack

April 22, 2021

Is the USA undergoing serious change and if so who is stirring it?  The American War of Independence was agitated and financed by France, the French Revolution was supported by the USA and UK,  the Greek War of Independence by the UK,  the Russian Revolution by Germany, the Chinese Revolution by Russia etc.  Big changes are almost always due to active political movements within a country that are fomented and supported from outside.Are the changes in the USA "big"?  There have been riots across the USA by the Black Liberation Movement (BLM) but we have seen this sort of rioting before in the 1960s and 70s.  What is new is that the rioting is being supported by the US Establishment.  This is extremely strange and unusual.  Is this evidence for a solely domestic movement?  Domestic movements

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The “Trial” of Chauvin for the Death of George Floyd

April 21, 2021

Having watched a few hours of the trial of Derek Chauvin for the death of George Floyd I have been convinced that no fair trial could find him guilty of murder.  He clearly had no intention to murder and the drug taking and heart condition of Floyd mean that Chauvin’s actions are unlikely to have been the sole cause of death.The most surprising aspect of the trial is that Floyd was saying "I can’t breathe" from almost the first moment that he met the police and continued this chant during about a quarter of an hour of struggle with the police and for a subsequent 8 or 9 minutes while he was pinned to the ground.It turns out that "I can’t breathe" is a chant used by some black people upon arrest.  It began after the death of Eric Garner in 2014.  If the police are regularly confronted with

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Does anyone even want to know what is happening?

April 21, 2021

George Floyd chants, from almost the moment of his arrest,  "I can’t breathe". This is a political chant in the USA dating from 2014,  but the mainstream media ignore this and focus on the chant just before he died.  The policeman "killed" during the riot at the US Congress turns out to have died of a stroke. So no police died from the "storming of the Capitol", only a young woman demonstrator.  The WHO team "investigating" the origins of COVID was obstructed by China and the senior scientist who gave the conclusion that COVID "was not a lab escape" worked with the Wuhan Institute of Virology and would have been at the centre of any recriminations for a leak. Yet the mainstream media reported this as a credible announcement.  Black Lives Matter is a Maoist group financed by the Ford and

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The Football Super League and how the West was Lost

April 19, 2021

[unable to retrieve full-text content]I have just been listening to BBC Radio 4.  What struck me this morning was that RT or China Global Television Network are truly less anti-Western and anti-British than the BBC.  The most striking bit of news was that JP Morgan, the huge US investment bank, was financing a new Super League of twelve  clubs consisting of Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham from England and AC Milan, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Juventus and Real Madrid from the EU.Image: Sky SportsWhat is peculiar about the coverage by the media is that they seem not to have spotted that the English Premier League is not English.  Manchester United is owned by the US Glazer Family, Liverpool was bought in 2010 by the US company Fenway

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Political Thoughts – finally, completely deplatformed

April 18, 2021

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Google, Twitter etc. use AI to ensure that content they despise is not given coverage. The method Google uses is "shadow banning" where results for banned websites are listed hundreds of pages down in any results listing or fail to appear at all. Twitter uses a variety of shadow banning tools that make tweets from proscribed users nearly invisible.The article that got me almost fully banned from Google was my criticism of the Bilderberg Group.  Surprise, surprise.Prior to 2017 they used manual methods of shadow banning but after 2017 they use AI. Political Thoughts HitsPolitical Thoughts was seriously hit in 2013 but had recovered to 20,000 views a month by 2017.  After 2017 it was hit by the AI sledgehammer.  Other blogs and publications that are

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For “lobbying” read “corruption”

April 14, 2021

The mainstream media are currently in a feeding frenzy about "lobbying".  Lobbying is where an individual or group gain access to a politician to put forward their viewpoint.  As individuals we can go to our local constituency surgeries and talk directly to our MPs.  However, groups such as Unions and large businesses generally demand access to those ministers and civil servants who can take decisions.A classic example of big business "lobbying" might be where a couple of US Investment banks have made serious mistakes with their bets against the value of gold that could seriously undermine the financial system.  Having failed to lobby the US government they might turn their attention to the UK and gain access to the Chancellor and Prime Minister.  Persuaded of the rectitude of the US Bank

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Great news: UK-EU Trade heading in the right direction.

April 13, 2021

Large economies like the EU Single Market all tend to produce goods and
services near the financial centre of the economy or, in the case of very large
countries, in two or three economic centres.  Having been produced centrally the goods are then sometimes finished locally or distributed from local warehouses.  The regions become poor and require regional aid and the centre becomes ever richer.This pattern has been happening strongly in the EU and countries such as Greece often accuse the EU of economic colonialism.  The accusation results from the north west of the Continent being the financial centre of the EU and hence the focus of EU industrial and commercial activity.The UK has also suffered from regionalisation within the Single Market.  Trade between the UK and EU has been hugely

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Is Anglophobia the fastest growing hate crime?

April 13, 2021

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Anglophobia has always existed in the UK.  Not only do the Scots and Irish profess a dislike for the English but the English upper classes detest poor English people.  Unfortunately the Director of Public Prosecutions takes the view that hate crimes against the English are permissible.One of the most striking examples of anglophobia in the past year was by Helena Kennedy in a program called "The Anatomy of Guilt" in which the English were held to be indelibly scarred with the two hundred year old "guilt" of slavery.  There was no mention of the appalling conditions of work experienced by poor English people 200 years ago.  The program took the view that all English people must be held to blame in the same way as some racists hold all Jews to be to

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Are the Troubles Returning to Northern Ireland?

April 9, 2021

On the 23rd February, at the height of the transient post Brexit freight blockages between NI and the rest of the UK, the BBC reported loyalists saying that "There is "palpable anger" among unionists over the NI Protocol but loyalists are not thinking of a return to violence"  (BBC).  So why is there so much violence in April?A young protestant man gave an interview on BBC television news yesterday where he said that the violence was not because of the border issues, it was because the loyalists felt defeated.  That Sinn Fein had won.  The BBC summarised this as the violence being about Brexit.  This despite the BBC itself having commissioned a poll that showed that 83% of NI voters did not believe Brexit affected their view of a United Ireland.The broadcast media have been assiduously

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Something must be done about the BBC

April 8, 2021

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Today the BBC treated us to a morning of terror about the AstroZeneca vaccine killing people.  The true news was that about 18 people may have died from rare blood clotting disorders among over 20 million people given the vaccine. The 18 people is an un-adjusted number that includes natural deaths from blood clotting.  According to a Danish study: "Here, based on pre-pandemic incidence rates from the entire Danish population, we report that the number of venous thromboembolisms reported in relation to the Oxford–AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine does not seem to be increased beyond the expected incidence rate. Nevertheless, recent reports of thrombocytopenia-associated cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, multiple thrombosis, and bleeding within a short

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Are Astra Zeneca Vaccine Reactions a Scapegoat for the EU?

April 7, 2021

I once spent several months operating the adverse reactions database for a major pharmaceutical company.  Most drugs and vaccines had at least one death associated with their use such as anaphylaxis or skin rashes so terrible that the patient died.  When millions of people are exposed to any novel substance a very few will react adversely and some of these will die.  The important issue is whether the drug etc. is of significant benefit despite a very low risk of severe adverse reaction.Most people occasionally take paracetamol (acetaminophen).  It is freely available at pharmacists and regarded as one of the safest oral medicines.  If we take a look at adverse reactions in the European adverse reactions database (called Eudravigilance) paracetamol caused 58 deaths from adverse reactions

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How evil is the BBC?

April 6, 2021

The BBC is trusted to provide an in-depth and unbiased account of the news.  Does it fulfill this brief?National and Public Service Broadcasters use four main techniques to impose bias. The most frequent bias is the omission of news from one side of a debate so that it appears as if a particular view is obvious. Another technique is anecdotal reporting in which they use people like glove puppets, interviewing erudite academics on one side of an issue and fools on the other side. A subtler technique is to attach news summaries to current affairs programs so that news can be divided into factual news and suspect opinions.  The use of US news as if it applied to the UK is another method of hiding bias.The BBC are the masters of subtle bias.  Why they are biased will be discussed later but

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Does my bum look big in this?

April 3, 2021

Two events grabbed my attention this week.  The first was a friend who disparaged religion and said that the important thing was to live a good life.  The second was the introduction to a nineteen sixties comedy program by its script writer in which he said that in those days some of the cast were gay but no-one was bothered about laughing.The nineteen sixties was the great liberation from guilt in the UK.  Prior to the nineteen sixties people were indoctrinated to feel guilty about everything, particularly sex.  Religion, the source of most guilt, was rejected.  By nineteen seventy the only remaining guilt was when a man’s wife asked him how she looked and if he replied "nice" his loyalty could then be tested by the extent of guilt that could be inflicted.  The inflicting of guilt is

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BBC Bias and Charter Violation in the past month

April 1, 2021

The Charter charges the BBC with having a higher standard of journalism than its competitors and performing in depth analyses. This, albeit weak, directive means that the BBC must not use anecdote to attack real data and it must not undermine one side of the debate by omitting it from coverage.  As will be seen below, the BBC is routinely violating the Charter and the best solution is to trim down BBC News broadcasting so that it deals in mature, fact based reporting.The most outrageous example of Charter breaking occurred after the publication of the "Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities: The Report" where the data from the Report was suppressed and countered with anecdotal reports from activists.  The BBC behaved like a political organisation which, when faced with a carefully

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The Report on Racism

April 1, 2021

The "Report by the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities" has just been published.  The Commissioners were nearly all from BAME backgrounds and have produced a robust and fair Report. The Report identified a class divide in which the cycle of advantage maintains a section of the population in wealth and leaves the large bulk of the population in relative poverty.   The wealthy class is largely white British but the poorer class consists of large numbers of white British and other ethnic groups.  This class divide causes a bias in the crude statistics on disadvantage so that majority, poor white British are labelled as "white supremacists" etc. when it is the small wealthy class that actually creates the disparity that causes this analysis.The most striking finding is that different

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Batley marks a turning point for the UK

March 30, 2021

Has anyone noticed that a simmering debate about sex in schools has been elevated to the number one spot on all broadcast news?  It could have been covered last week or next week but had mega coverage as a moral panic on Monday.  Why?The answer is that it is the ideal story to suppress coverage of what happened in Batley.The teacher at Batley was teaching the National Curriculum for RS Stage 2 which has the objective of examining why Islam is opposed to any visual representations of the prophet or the works of Allah (ie: any visual representations).  In return for doing his job he was met by mass protests, immediately suspended and the authorities gave abject apologies for doing wrong.The teacher cannot return to Batley and fears for his life.  There are no penalties for hate speech

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China and Overseas Trade

March 29, 2021

It is over two centuries since Ricardo’s "On The Principles of Political Economy and Taxation (1817)" but it is still influential in the teaching of economics.  Obviously we have moved on from talking about brute labour to more refined inputs to the production process but Ricardo’s ideas still haunt us.  One idea in particular is creaking in the modern age: the universal benefit of overseas trade.  Ricardo was a successful banker and a stockbroker.  Other great economists have been academics and philosophers.  What they all share is that they divorce money and trade from the actual process of creating goods and services. The support of overseas trade as a "universal benefit" is partly a result of this detachment and disdain for the process of business.Most production begins with enthusiasm

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Cartoons of Mohammed banned in Batley, Yorkshire

March 26, 2021

The most serious news of the decade, more serious than Brexit, has occurred in the Yorkshire town of Batley.  A teacher at Batley Grammar School has been officially suspended for showing the cartoons of Mohammed that led to the murders by Islamic extremists at "Charlie Hebdo".Notice that no newspapers dared show this’Head teacher Gary Kibble apologised "unequivocally", adding the member of staff had "given their most sincere apologies" and been suspended pending an investigation.’ (BBC)Kibble continued:  ‘As an additional precaution, we will undertake a formal review of the
RS curriculum to ensure no other resource or statement is inappropriate
and take appropriate action as needed.’ (Daily Mail) One might ask where and how this appearance of the cartoons happened.  To do so would be to

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The EU shows its true colours.

March 23, 2021

Only one major Western Country has started a vaccine war, undermined confidence in vaccinations and signed a trade and investment agreement with China.  That country is the European Union.The mainstream media liberally condemns any behaviour by the UK or USA that fails to make it onto the latest moral highground but has given the EU a free pass.It is interesting to look at vaccine supply to see how the EU operated.  The EU has been six months late in most of its dealings with vaccines.  The UK supported Oxford/Astra Zeneca from the start of 2020 and signed a deal to take vaccines in May 2020 but the EU signed a contract with Astra Zeneca in August. The UK concluded a deal with Pfizer in June 2020 but the EU waited until November.  The UK deals did not just involve ordering vaccines, they

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Remain and Rejoin supporters and a Far Right France

March 20, 2021

Marie Le Pen is catching Macron in the opinion polls for the French Presidency.  She might do better than Macron in the First Round of voting and looks like a very serious challenger in the second round, even if supporters of other candidates rally to Macron:Her support is 13 points higher than in 2017.This raises an interesting issue.  Most Remain voters see themselves as middling socialists.  Would they be happy to rejoin an EU which has one of its major components governed by a party that is the political equivalent of the BNP? I have heard the answer from Remain voters, they say "of course not but Le Pen ruling France is unlikely, the polls show she will lose".  Given that any of France, Germany, Austria etc. could swing to the far right at some time in the future this answer is not

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China: Britain and the West are living in the past.

March 17, 2021

Dominic Raab, Joe Biden and the EU are all proposing that we continue and even increase trade with China.  They all talk of constructive engagement giving the West influence over the Chinese.This approach might have appeared reasonable twenty years ago but today it is absurd.  China has the highest GDP in the world in PPP terms and dominates global trade.  China is the number one trading power in the world with 13.45% of global exports, followed by the US at 8.98% (See China Power).ShanghaiChina is a mercantilist power that trades at a surplus with almost all of its trading partners and is hence a risk to all of our economies.  Its mercantilism has allowed it to amass three trillion dollars of foreign exchange reserves.  These reserves make it immune from threats of sanctions or the

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The rise in reporting of sexual crime

March 16, 2021

We are currently witnessing another media frenzy.  The media have moved from reporting the Maoist Black Liberation Movement (briefly called Black Lives Matter) to wall to wall coverage of sexual offences against women.What are the real figures for sexual offences against women?  The latest statistical report is to be found in: Sexual offences in England and Wales: year ending March 2017.The trend for sexual assault is downwards:This data comes from the Crime Survey for England and Wales which involves reports from a large, random sample from the population.  The punch line of the survey is that "An estimated 3.1% of women (510,000) and 0.8% of men (138,000) aged 16 to 59 experienced sexual assault in the last year, according to the year ending March 2017 CSEW; no significant change from

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The BBC are still fighting the Referendum

March 12, 2021

We have heard little from the Broadcast media about the actual figures for trade with the EU over the past four years.  This month there was a slight downturn in the trade balance so the BBC was trumpeting this on its news broadcasts.The actual balance of trade with the EU over the past year has been very healthy compared with past years:Source ONSDid we hear the BBC or economics journalists reporting on the greatly improved situation?  No, they waited for a month in which the EU embargoed imports because of COVID to tell us that the trading position was "bad".  This is intolerable bias from the broadcasters, especially the BBC and Channel 4.In the early 21st century economists were all ardent supporters of open global markets.  They told us that Trade Deficits did not matter in 2016.

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The Murder of Women

March 11, 2021

How risky is our society for the modern woman?  The Ministry of Justice produces an annual report: Statistics on Women and the Criminal Justice System 2019 that details the types and frequency of crimes against women.Every year the average Briton has slightly less than a one in 65000 chance of being murdered.  This is about half the risk of dying in a road accident but it should be remembered that the UK now has a very low rate of road accident deaths.In 2018/19, 671 individuals were victims of homicide in England and Wales; 64% of which were males and 36%, females.Almost a third of male homicides occurred in the street whereas only one in 16 female homicides happened on the street.  Only about 14 women were murdered on the street over the whole year.  The safety of women does not depend

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Meghan and Harry and the Cold War

March 10, 2021

During the Cold War the UK came under enormous subversion from the communist bloc.  The Labour Party was fully infiltrated and universities subverted.  What few people understand is that from the 1950s onwards the communists and fellow travellers were instructed to undermine the country.  Harry Pollitt, leader of the Communist Party of Great Britain, told potential members: ‘Don’t join us. Work hard, get good degrees, join the Establishment and serve our cause from within.’.  Having joined the Establishment they would recruit more of their own.  Few people realise that New Labour was a far left group with the discipline to pose as centrist to get votes (See The Roots of New Labour ).  In the Cold war the objective was to provoke unrest and damage national morale to such an extent that the

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Meghan and Harry – the Relatives from Hell?

March 9, 2021

Yesterday the mass media finally proved that it was insane.  Meghan, a woman who, by European standards is white skinned, was held to be black and hence the victim of racism.  Harry, a full grown man, happily derided his own family on prime-time TV.  The interview is strong evidence that the Mainstream Media has huge problems.  The story runs that a young, American, black girl was swept off her feet by the handsome Prince but when they returned to the palace the welcoming smiles turned to ice cold British indifference.  She was desperate to forge relationships but was turned down by all her in-laws, because she was black.  She was sensitive and felt they were driving her insane and as a saint suffers for our sins, so she suffered so that all those poor souls suffering from COVID blues

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Hell hath no fury like Nicola Sturgeon

March 3, 2021

There are unscrupulous people who suggest that Sturgeon slept her way to the top.   Back 20 years:More recently:And that the Sturgeon-Salmond battle is about a broken relationship.But everyone knows that Sturgeon and the CEO of the SNP, Peter Murrell, are a love match made in heaven.So suggestions that she might be using her relationships to acquire and cement power are absurd.  The Sturgeon-Salmond fracas appears to have all the bitterness of a bad divorce but appearances can be misleading even though they are sometimes correct..Whatever the outcome of the current battle in Scotland the Scottish Parliament will remain with powers that are only a whisker short of full independence.  So expect Scottish Independence one day whatever happens.  Think of this as one of the Labour Party and Tony

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