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Political Thoughts

August 9, 2021

Politics is the struggle for power.The fundamental power struggle is between the people of a place and the mobile classes. Few people would turn their own back garden into a motorway or commit their next door neighbours to slave working.  The mobile classes can do these things without conscience because their garden and neighbours are not fixed.The primary objective of those seeking power for themselves is to acquire loyal mobile supporters.  The primary objective of those seeking power for ordinary people is to acquire loyal local supporters.Teachers, students and academics are essential for the development of mobile power.  These initially supported the Marxist Leninists in 1917 and the Third Reich in 1933.  Those who have been removed from their roots and who deal in ideas can be most

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Thatcher: Villain or Hero, Green or not?

August 6, 2021

Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister of the UK from 1979 to 1990.  She is remembered by the Left as a villain and by most of the rest of the population as a good Prime Minister. The case made by the Left is that she devastated British industry, especially coal,  and created mass unemployment.  She also publicly despised the Left.Did Thatcher devastate British industry?  Coal had been in decline in the UK for decades before 1979.During the 1970s various governments had been held to ransom by miner’s leaders who demanded that either money was diverted from the rest of the economy to coal mining or they would strike and cripple UK energy supplies.  The "Three Day Week" that resulted from the miners strike of 1974 demonstrated that the miners could indeed shut down the economy by striking.

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“Culture Wars” – Again!

August 5, 2021

New Scientist magazine hopes that the UK will be saved from the "Culture Wars" and the BBC mentions "Culture Wars" several times in one day.  The "Culture Wars" are supposed to begin with attitudes to issues such as sexual orientation and race. This is where we should start to get puzzled.  A very small percentage of the population is gay, lesbian or bisexual:Most people in the UK have accepted equal rights for gay, lesbian and bisexual people.  Hard though it may be for Londoners to believe, a very small percentage of the population of England and Wales is black, where black means black African or black Caribbean origin. "Amongst the 56 million residents in England and Wales, 86% were White,
8% were Asian/Asian British and 3% were Black/African/Caribbean/Black
British." (2011

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Raw Materials price hikes.

July 27, 2021

Raw materials prices are rising.  Why? Will this continue?Cotton and natural rubber prices have experienced a sharp rise:World Bank BlogNotice that China is the main consumer. Iron ore prices are high: And China is the main importer:Copper prices are up:The failure of the price of copper production to keep pace with consumption is due to shortages of copper ore.  It is not just copper reserves that appear too small to satisfy China. Phosphorus, an essential ingredient of agricultural fertilisers, is in short supply and has doubled in price over the past year.Index MundiIt will be no surprise to discover who is consuming the phosphorus:The pattern is the same over most commodities.Index MundiCommodity prices are now highly unstable and their rise is due to demand from China.Notice that

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How did we get here? Overpopulation, global warming, ecological disaster and China about to rule the world.

July 27, 2021

The observant reader will realize that this article is biased from the start.  I am living quite happily with a wonderful wife and children, faithful dog, beautiful walks in the countryside and enough cash for our needs.  I mainly bought an electric car because it was incredibly cheap and technically amusing.So what disaster?  I am quite old and can remember open fields where cities now lie and bright green leaves where the green leaves are now rather dark and dusty and the trees are topped with dead twigs.  On the other hand if I were in my twenties I would definitely be excited about mining nickel or neodymium from S-Type asteroids.  Despite any damage we have done, humanity is at the apogee of its power and potential.However, I do care about nature, culture and the English landscape.

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The Cover Up for COVID is worse than the disease, much worse

July 22, 2021

Why is the origin of COVID being suppressed in the media?  There is clearly a joint effort by China and the US National Institute of Health (NIH) to stop a full exposé of how COVID was made in a laboratory.  Why are they shutting down this issue?  The immediate answer is that Peter Daszak, President of EcoHealth Alliance, commissioned the Wuhan Institute of Virology to work on the genetic engineering of coronaviruses and the US National Institute of Health under Dr Anthony Faucci funded EcoHealth Alliance.  The main business of the Wuhan Institute of Virology is the
collection and genetic engineering of coronaviruses (see Note 1).  The
chance that an outbreak of COVID caught from animals happened in the same city as hosts the
most active research centre for coronaviruses in the world is

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Poor old Dominic Cummings may be insane

July 21, 2021

Last night’s interview between Laura Kuenssberg and Dominic Cummings was like watching a man disintegrating in public.  Undoubtedly Cummings had numerous problems in the past that led to him being a remarkably arrogant man but what we have witnessed recently verges on mania and what we saw last night was the end.The pro-EU publicity machine has a story that the Remain campaign was winning the EU Referendum until just before the vote when it was pipped at the post by the Leave campaign.  To achieve this victory the Leave campaign prostrated itself before the evil genius of Cummings and Johnson who introduced shocking devices that turned the nation’s head such as a slogan on the side of a bus.  The mass media all supported Remain so we still get this story fed to us.  The truth was far

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Giving China victory: apps, hardware and digital yuan.

July 12, 2021

China is a totalitarian state.  It is ruled by a dictator.  China is a total surveillance state where every movement, social contact and purchase is monitored. China has sent large proportions of the indigenous population of Xinjiang and Tibet to labour camps. China even harvests human organs from its political prisoners (see China Tribunal).China has nearly perfected social control within its borders so that resistance is futile.China has laws that impose access by the State on every hardware device and app produced by Chinese producers.Western governments are happily allowing Chinese hardware and software to penetrate everywhere.  How will this affect us?Although you may not think that your Huawei phone is a risk the Chinese Artificial Intelligence monitoring systems can list anyone who

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The political divide is postmodernism vs conservatism

July 8, 2021

[unable to retrieve full-text content]In the past few years there has been a great deal of coverage of the "culture wars".  This is nonsense because all the participants share a broadly similar culture.  There are no culture wars but there is a new, gaping, political divide.The political divide is due to the fall of communism and Marxism as credible political ideals.  Even the most fanatical left-winger must be aware that from Stalin to Mao and Mengistu to Pol Pot the Marxist ideal has been a calamity in practice.  The fall of the Soviet Empire and the rise of Capitalism in China have shown that ordinary people do not like Marxism.  It is dead.  But its child, Postmarxism, is alive and all too well. A definition of Postmarxism is given in Note 1.Postmarxism is infiltrating the Labour Party

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Ending lockdown is political

July 5, 2021

[unable to retrieve full-text content]There are two views of politics.  In the first the People are born free and the State intervenes to prevent oppression by powerful individuals and groups.  The purpose of the State is to protect freedom and the individual.  In the second view people are born into service to society and the role of the State is to enrol the population into communitarian activity and behaviour and to permit "rights". The purpose of the State is to protect "society".The release of the population from COVID restrictions is highlighting the difference between these ideas of politics.  Public sector workers such as academics and doctors conceive of any avoidable deaths as too many whereas those running businesses and those who desire to lead a full life believe that freedom

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How the EU has reduced migration

July 3, 2021

Within the Shengen Zone the control of migration is an EU responsibility.  Control is implemented by about 100,000 national border guards and an ever increasing number of EU "Frontex" forces. Until the EU passes its tough New Pact on migration the methods used to control migration are depending upon how much the EU turns a "blind eye" to national policies.  The migration crisis in the Mediterranean has led to a steady switch from firmly enforcing the Return Directive, which permits most asylum seekers to stay for relatively long periods, to tacitly approving tough measures.However, the Return Directive, Article 2.2, exempts EU states from applying any formal legal framework at their borders:"2.   Member States may decide not to apply this Directive to third-country nationals who:(a) are

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BBC Bias and misreporting over the past few months.

June 30, 2021

An analysis of recent BBC news stories shows that the BBC is routinely using omission of news to bias its reporting.  The BBC is also routinely selecting interviewees to amplify the political views of BBC staff (Glove Puppets). The most egregious example of this was the reporting on "Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities: The Report" where the content of the report was scarcely covered but Glove Puppets were brought on to condemn it.After a flurry of stories that used distantly historical events to condemn the current UK population (a form of racism akin to blaming the Jews for the death of Jesus) the BBC seems to have stopped this for the time being.The BBC is routinely supporting the EU against the UK.  As examples it entirely suppresses any mention of the content of the Good Friday

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Climate Change is a diversion from the ecological crisis

June 29, 2021

Having just returned from a 100 mile trip across southern England I was pleasantly surprised to find only three flies stuck to the front of the car.  Gone are those tiresome times when hundreds of dead bodies would redecorate the front of the car after a summer trip.I was slightly surprised that this German article only found a 75% decline in flying insects.  Perhaps it was because they focused on nature reserves.So should we all celebrate the demise of the flying insect?  A review of the literature showed that populations of insect species globally were declining at around 2% a year:In the next 10 years we could lose 20% more insects.  The people working on the problem said that ‘A large proportion of studies (49.7%) point to habitat change as the main driver of insect declines, a factor

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Documenting the Decline and Fall of the West

June 13, 2021

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Got a new EV? Curing range anxiety and other issues.

May 13, 2021

I just bought an MG5 electric car with a range of 214 miles.  I bought it because it was on special offer at £18,000 and was a hell of a lot of new car for that price.  My old car had gone way past its sell-by date and it was time to change but when I looked at the mud in the back where my dogs shook themselves and the scratches on the sides from the narrow country lanes I was confronted with an awkward decision.  Should I buy an expensive new petrol car that was likely to plummet in second hand value within 10 years as new petrol cars become banned, or a second hand petrol car or take the plunge and buy electric?  Decent second hand petrol estates (dog cars) cost £10,000 and might have problems entering cities within five years so the £18000 special offer on a new MG5 clinched it.  I have

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Darwin, Lincoln, Churchill..why was the past racist?

May 9, 2021

If we probe almost any life story before 1900 we can find evidence of racist speech and publications.  The mass media are busy stretching this discovery into "horrified" coverage of individuals from history but is it moral to single out individuals?  Should we allow the philistines to mount a new cultural revolution against all of history like the Maoists of the 1960s?There are two main reasons for the racism of the past.  The first is that races are a result of separate development in different countries and different parts of the world so that the existence of race is mostly a result of racism.  The second is that for almost two hundred years Europe was as different from tribal and less developed societies as aliens would be from humans today.I believe that the diversity of humanity is

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The EU Shows why Brexit was necessary

May 6, 2021

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Stopping shipments of vaccines to NI, launching a smear campaign against Astra Zeneca and now threatening the supply of electricity to the Channel Islands all demonstrate the EU style of diplomacy that others outside of the EU have been experiencing for years.  It is called bullying.The EU uses the stick as a first move, not a last resort. It confirms my view that a Franco-German superstate is an unpleasant development. The UK, with only a tiny fraction of the votes in the EU, had been unable to stop EU bullying in places like the Ukraine or Greece but our pro-EU media had always played down the nastiness of the EU.  Now we can see the EU from the outside it should be clear that we are dealing with a monster.  It will only get worse and we should be

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The USA and UK are under attack

April 22, 2021

Is the USA undergoing serious change and if so who is stirring it?  The American War of Independence was agitated and financed by France, the French Revolution was supported by the USA and UK,  the Greek War of Independence by the UK,  the Russian Revolution by Germany, the Chinese Revolution by Russia etc.  Big changes are almost always due to active political movements within a country that are fomented and supported from outside.Are the changes in the USA "big"?  There have been riots across the USA by the Black Liberation Movement (BLM) but we have seen this sort of rioting before in the 1960s and 70s.  What is new is that the rioting is being supported by the US Establishment.  This is extremely strange and unusual.  Is this evidence for a solely domestic movement?  Domestic movements

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The “Trial” of Chauvin for the Death of George Floyd

April 21, 2021

Having watched a few hours of the trial of Derek Chauvin for the death of George Floyd I have been convinced that no fair trial could find him guilty of murder.  He clearly had no intention to murder and the drug taking and heart condition of Floyd mean that Chauvin’s actions are unlikely to have been the sole cause of death.The most surprising aspect of the trial is that Floyd was saying "I can’t breathe" from almost the first moment that he met the police and continued this chant during about a quarter of an hour of struggle with the police and for a subsequent 8 or 9 minutes while he was pinned to the ground.It turns out that "I can’t breathe" is a chant used by some black people upon arrest.  It began after the death of Eric Garner in 2014.  If the police are regularly confronted with

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Does anyone even want to know what is happening?

April 21, 2021

George Floyd chants, from almost the moment of his arrest,  "I can’t breathe". This is a political chant in the USA dating from 2014,  but the mainstream media ignore this and focus on the chant just before he died.  The policeman "killed" during the riot at the US Congress turns out to have died of a stroke. So no police died from the "storming of the Capitol", only a young woman demonstrator.  The WHO team "investigating" the origins of COVID was obstructed by China and the senior scientist who gave the conclusion that COVID "was not a lab escape" worked with the Wuhan Institute of Virology and would have been at the centre of any recriminations for a leak. Yet the mainstream media reported this as a credible announcement.  Black Lives Matter is a Maoist group financed by the Ford and

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The Football Super League and how the West was Lost

April 19, 2021

[unable to retrieve full-text content]I have just been listening to BBC Radio 4.  What struck me this morning was that RT or China Global Television Network are truly less anti-Western and anti-British than the BBC.  The most striking bit of news was that JP Morgan, the huge US investment bank, was financing a new Super League of twelve  clubs consisting of Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham from England and AC Milan, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Juventus and Real Madrid from the EU.Image: Sky SportsWhat is peculiar about the coverage by the media is that they seem not to have spotted that the English Premier League is not English.  Manchester United is owned by the US Glazer Family, Liverpool was bought in 2010 by the US company Fenway

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Political Thoughts – finally, completely deplatformed

April 18, 2021

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Google, Twitter etc. use AI to ensure that content they despise is not given coverage. The method Google uses is "shadow banning" where results for banned websites are listed hundreds of pages down in any results listing or fail to appear at all. Twitter uses a variety of shadow banning tools that make tweets from proscribed users nearly invisible.The article that got me almost fully banned from Google was my criticism of the Bilderberg Group.  Surprise, surprise.Prior to 2017 they used manual methods of shadow banning but after 2017 they use AI. Political Thoughts HitsPolitical Thoughts was seriously hit in 2013 but had recovered to 20,000 views a month by 2017.  After 2017 it was hit by the AI sledgehammer.  Other blogs and publications that are

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For “lobbying” read “corruption”

April 14, 2021

The mainstream media are currently in a feeding frenzy about "lobbying".  Lobbying is where an individual or group gain access to a politician to put forward their viewpoint.  As individuals we can go to our local constituency surgeries and talk directly to our MPs.  However, groups such as Unions and large businesses generally demand access to those ministers and civil servants who can take decisions.A classic example of big business "lobbying" might be where a couple of US Investment banks have made serious mistakes with their bets against the value of gold that could seriously undermine the financial system.  Having failed to lobby the US government they might turn their attention to the UK and gain access to the Chancellor and Prime Minister.  Persuaded of the rectitude of the US Bank

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Great news: UK-EU Trade heading in the right direction.

April 13, 2021

Large economies like the EU Single Market all tend to produce goods and
services near the financial centre of the economy or, in the case of very large
countries, in two or three economic centres.  Having been produced centrally the goods are then sometimes finished locally or distributed from local warehouses.  The regions become poor and require regional aid and the centre becomes ever richer.This pattern has been happening strongly in the EU and countries such as Greece often accuse the EU of economic colonialism.  The accusation results from the north west of the Continent being the financial centre of the EU and hence the focus of EU industrial and commercial activity.The UK has also suffered from regionalisation within the Single Market.  Trade between the UK and EU has been hugely

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Is Anglophobia the fastest growing hate crime?

April 13, 2021

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Anglophobia has always existed in the UK.  Not only do the Scots and Irish profess a dislike for the English but the English upper classes detest poor English people.  Unfortunately the Director of Public Prosecutions takes the view that hate crimes against the English are permissible.One of the most striking examples of anglophobia in the past year was by Helena Kennedy in a program called "The Anatomy of Guilt" in which the English were held to be indelibly scarred with the two hundred year old "guilt" of slavery.  There was no mention of the appalling conditions of work experienced by poor English people 200 years ago.  The program took the view that all English people must be held to blame in the same way as some racists hold all Jews to be to

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Are the Troubles Returning to Northern Ireland?

April 9, 2021

On the 23rd February, at the height of the transient post Brexit freight blockages between NI and the rest of the UK, the BBC reported loyalists saying that "There is "palpable anger" among unionists over the NI Protocol but loyalists are not thinking of a return to violence"  (BBC).  So why is there so much violence in April?A young protestant man gave an interview on BBC television news yesterday where he said that the violence was not because of the border issues, it was because the loyalists felt defeated.  That Sinn Fein had won.  The BBC summarised this as the violence being about Brexit.  This despite the BBC itself having commissioned a poll that showed that 83% of NI voters did not believe Brexit affected their view of a United Ireland.The broadcast media have been assiduously

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Something must be done about the BBC

April 8, 2021

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Today the BBC treated us to a morning of terror about the AstroZeneca vaccine killing people.  The true news was that about 18 people may have died from rare blood clotting disorders among over 20 million people given the vaccine. The 18 people is an un-adjusted number that includes natural deaths from blood clotting.  According to a Danish study: "Here, based on pre-pandemic incidence rates from the entire Danish population, we report that the number of venous thromboembolisms reported in relation to the Oxford–AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine does not seem to be increased beyond the expected incidence rate. Nevertheless, recent reports of thrombocytopenia-associated cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, multiple thrombosis, and bleeding within a short

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Are Astra Zeneca Vaccine Reactions a Scapegoat for the EU?

April 7, 2021

I once spent several months operating the adverse reactions database for a major pharmaceutical company.  Most drugs and vaccines had at least one death associated with their use such as anaphylaxis or skin rashes so terrible that the patient died.  When millions of people are exposed to any novel substance a very few will react adversely and some of these will die.  The important issue is whether the drug etc. is of significant benefit despite a very low risk of severe adverse reaction.Most people occasionally take paracetamol (acetaminophen).  It is freely available at pharmacists and regarded as one of the safest oral medicines.  If we take a look at adverse reactions in the European adverse reactions database (called Eudravigilance) paracetamol caused 58 deaths from adverse reactions

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How evil is the BBC?

April 6, 2021

The BBC is trusted to provide an in-depth and unbiased account of the news.  Does it fulfill this brief?National and Public Service Broadcasters use four main techniques to impose bias. The most frequent bias is the omission of news from one side of a debate so that it appears as if a particular view is obvious. Another technique is anecdotal reporting in which they use people like glove puppets, interviewing erudite academics on one side of an issue and fools on the other side. A subtler technique is to attach news summaries to current affairs programs so that news can be divided into factual news and suspect opinions.  The use of US news as if it applied to the UK is another method of hiding bias.The BBC are the masters of subtle bias.  Why they are biased will be discussed later but

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Does my bum look big in this?

April 3, 2021

Two events grabbed my attention this week.  The first was a friend who disparaged religion and said that the important thing was to live a good life.  The second was the introduction to a nineteen sixties comedy program by its script writer in which he said that in those days some of the cast were gay but no-one was bothered about laughing.The nineteen sixties was the great liberation from guilt in the UK.  Prior to the nineteen sixties people were indoctrinated to feel guilty about everything, particularly sex.  Religion, the source of most guilt, was rejected.  By nineteen seventy the only remaining guilt was when a man’s wife asked him how she looked and if he replied "nice" his loyalty could then be tested by the extent of guilt that could be inflicted.  The inflicting of guilt is

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