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UK Killer Journalists?

1 day ago

This week the news has been full of hundreds of migrants crossing the channel, COVID19 and race relations.  The BBC has interviewed champions of migrants and dismissed all proposals for  stopping the flow, in the case of COVID19 the journalistic coverage was peculiarly tardy and combative and in the case of Black Lives Matter it seems dedicated to polarisation.  Are the journalists likely to cause deaths through their reporting?What the journalists have not done is to look at the recent migrant crisis in the Mediterranean.  The EU is taking harsh measures that have dramatically reduced migrant deaths at sea:In 2014 the UK journalists were at the forefront of those demanding that migrants crossing the Mediterranean should be "rescued" and brought to the UK.  Conservatively they indirectly

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BBC News Suppression to 9/8/2020

3 days ago

To fulfill its Charter the BBC is charged with offering "a range and
depth of analysis and content not widely available from other United
Kingdom news providers". 
Does the BBC fulfill its Charter obligation? Illegal Migration across the Channel has risen sharply.  The BBC explanation for this is that the UK is such an attractive place that all the migrants want to come here.   The next BBC article is about Black Lives Matter in Britain and the article implies there is a huge problem with racism in the UK.  There is an inconsistency between the BBC reports of the UK being an attractive place for migrants and the UK being the site of rampant racism.  Furthermore the BBC suppresses the context of migration from the EU and never covers EU Racism – see: EU Racism is far worse than UK and

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China and Russia Launch War on Dollar?

6 days ago

Much of the power of the "West" has lain in the power of the US Dollar as a reserve currency.  It has given the USA the power to impose sanctions unilaterally on other countries because it can threaten third parties with denial of access to clearance facilities such as "Swift".  If the USA says there should be no trade with Iran even French companies will obey. It also allows the US to sustain a huge Current Account deficit.The way around this problem for likely targets of sanctions is to de-dollarise, to insist that foreign trade occurs in gold, Yuan, Euros etc.  Historically this has been difficult because the dollar was king and the targets of sanctions were minor economies compared with the West.  Thanks to globalisation and the astonishing admission of China to the WTO in 2001 some

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What is Happening in the World Today

7 days ago

Gold is at £1500 an ounce. A huge hike in the price of gold is always a sign of trouble.  We should all know that China is the biggest threat to global peace but the rest of the world is trying its best to compete.The most interesting event is the threatened annexation of 30% of the West Bank by Israel. Prime Minister Netanyahu may be fighting a November election on this plan.  It has been approved by Trump.  Superficially it looks like the dream solution for Israel, separating the Palestinian West Bank from Jordan and dicing and slicing the remnant.  Having been to much of the Middle East it is hard to imagine anything that could make the Arabs and Iranians hate Israel any more than they do but this might be the way to do it.Staying with the Middle East, Turkey seems to be using the

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UK Universities bar Conservative Voters from an Academic Career.

8 days ago

The Policy Exchange has just produced a report called Academic freedom in the UK.  The report shows that UK Universities have indeed been subverted by the political "Left" – Labour and LibDems.  The discrimination against Conservative voters is so extreme that emergency action is necessary.The findings of this report confirm those of many previous studies.  There are no studies showing that UK universities have been taken over by the "Right".  This new report is useful because it is wide ranging and covers areas from the dispensation of Grants to social discrimination.How bad are the universities?  When allocating grants the "professoriate" were routinely discriminating against  staff who voted Conservative or produced work that supported a conservative viewpoint.  At each grant cycle the

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Top Political Myths

10 days ago

The UK media and academia promulgate many myths.  Here are the top 10.1. The myth that Fascism was a movement of working class thugs
reacting to Reparations or hyperinflation.  The truth is that Mussolini
invented fascism in Italy during and immediately after the First World
War and Italy was at that time an Allied power fighting Germany so paid
no reparations.  Reparations and/or hyperinflation did not cause
fascism.  Hitler admired Italian fascism and took power in Germany a
decade after hyperinflation and the reparations crisis. The Nazis actually rose to power on a tide of middle class support.Reason
for the myth:  So that those teaching the "lesson from history" would
not need to admit that it was their class: socialist leaning civil servants and
teachers who supported the

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What is happening?

10 days ago

What is happening in the world?  What is going on?The best guide to the present and future is the past.  The past tells us that it is the relations between states that have the biggest effect on the UK.  The UK is not just a rock in the ocean lashed by Atlantic gales, it is also sandwiched between the New and Old Worlds and between liberty and tyranny.  The history of the last century showed this very clearly.At the start of the last century the UK was prosperous and confident and then German expansionism wrecked the whole of Europe in the First World War.  This was followed by US and British economic dominance but Italy invented fascism and this steadily grew in Europe. Socialism was also growing in the Russian Empire.  US economic growth collapsed in 1929 taking the world with it but the

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Corporates Move to UK Post Brexit and Confirm they are Staying

13 days ago

Most reviews of the effect of Brexit on business locations describe all negative business events as due to Brexit.  There is an outstanding example of this bias in the September 2019 Metro article:  "All the companies that have collapsed or moved abroad since Brexit". It is telling that the Metro article was written before Brexit had happened and so was propaganda against Brexit. Disentangling the effects of the global downturn in 2018-19 from Brexit is simple because no-one could be sure that Brexit would happen until December 2019.   Indeed, before the appointment of Johnson in mid 2019 it seemed more likely to most Remainers that Brexit would be overturned and there was huge uncertainty until December.  Forget about the "surveys" and propaganda, what has actually happened since

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BBC News Suppression to 29/7/2020

14 days ago

The BBC has a Charter responsibility to place news in context and explain it fully.  How have they done this week?The BBC has seriously slipped when covering COVID19. It has deliberately omitted and suppressed news. As usual.On BBC PM (29/7/2020) they had an article that covered the large number of deaths in the UK due to COVID19 compared with other countries.  The results of keeping the UK Borders wide open before lockdown were ignored.  It is now apparent that the unrestricted influx of over 8 million people into the UK prior to the lockdown included at least 20,000 people who had COVID 19 infection.  These almost certainly infected at least 50,000 more just prior to lockdown.  The Government’s own advisers have admitted this happened, in evidence to the Health and Social Care Committee

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The State of the Global Economy

14 days ago

Global stock markets have recovered, as they did in the 1929 slump before they fell and fell:

The current recovery in stocks is due to central banks pumping money into banks which are funnelling it into the finance industry and hence portfolio investments. (QE should be tailored to also reach small and medium sized companies). The central banks cannot do this forever and if a "V shaped" recovery does not happen there will be another strong bear market as in 1930.The prestigious CPB World Trade Monitor for May has just been published. The News is as expected.  The global economy fell off a cliff in May:

There is little point in visiting the CPB figures for May in detail because much has changed since then, in particular the emerging economies have taken a huge hit.There was no sign of

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COVID19/Coronavirus: How it Happened and the Death of the Precautionary Principle

15 days ago

When we go out with our young children we keep them close so that they do not get run down by traffic or lost.  When teachers plan a lesson they avoid sharp objects.  When caring employers plan a job they avoid risks.  There is no certainty that your children will be run down or Johnny will poke out Wendy’s eye or the bare cables will fry Jim but we take precautions so that these things cannot happen.  We enact the Precautionary Principle.Coronavirus is related to MERS and SARS, two of the most lethal viral infections known to humanity.  What Precautionary Principles would apply to such a disease?The Precautionary Principle would dictate that when the epidemic began anyone arriving from China would be subject to a policed quarantine.  Suppose the epidemic were spreading in the UK.  The

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Are you Woke?

16 days ago

I was chatting to a neighbour at my garden gate today and he said "these Woke people remind me of the baptists when I was a boy, telling you what you can and cannot do".  I said "at least the Baptists were real, do you actually know anyone who is Woke?".My neighbour was just reacting to the endless Woke polemic on the media. However, I do know a few people who are Woke and people who have been victims of the Woke.Only yesterday I was talking to a friend whose adult daughter took great exception to the word "negro".  My friend is old enough to remember that "black" was the favoured word of the Afrikaans who supported Apartheid and used "negro" to avoid what had, in her youth, been the execrable term "black". The daughter accused her of racism and was threatening to stop talking to her

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CANZUK: A firm alliance between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK

22 days ago

The world is changing rapidly. China is rising and the mighty dollar is under attack from all sides. Never has there been a time when knowing who are your friends has been more important.It is not time for the UK to enter another EU but it is time for the UK to consider close ties with large trading blocs and review its security future.  Is CANZUK – a close alliance between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK – the answer?  Can we learn from the EU experience and form a union that avoids the pitfalls of the EU?Freedom of Movement is the most contentious issue for the UK because we are a small island with the most beautiful man made and natural landscape.  Overpopulation is a real problem for the UK.  Freedom of Movement may also be an issue for countries like New Zealand
which have

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BBC News Suppression to 21/7/2020. Defaming Churchill, Protecting WHO

23 days ago

The BBC covers news by selecting the items that confirm its views and suppressing the rest and takes news items out of context.  Here are examples of BBC suppression over the past two weeks.  The BBC has a Charter responsibility to put the news in context.

An excellent example of BBC tactics was the coverage of how Churchill deserves to be a target of BLM and other movements (Today Programme 21/7/2020).  The article described the terrible Bengal famine of 1943 and how Churchill apparently failed to act and therefore that Churchill was evil.  Had the BBC put this in context it would have covered the fall of Burma to the Japanese, the resulting refugee crisis in Bengal, the Calcutta air raids, the shipping of food reserves out of the area in preparation for the possible Japanese advance,

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Was the Referendum Fair? Who spent most in the EU Referendum?

23 days ago

The total expenditure by the Leave and Remain campaigns is given in the Electoral Commission Report: Report on the regulation of campaigners at the referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union held on 23 June 2016 .  The final spending is summarised in this graph:

Across all campaign groups Remain spent £19.3m and Leave spent £13.3m.The lead campaigns each had a spending limit of £7m but other campaigners had their own spending limits. Remain had more campaign groups so had the higher spending limit of £31m compared with Leave’s £21,500,000.Spending of largest campaigns
Labour and Lib-Dems together spent as much as Vote Leave Limited. The In Campaign was a front for the "European Movement" and Leave.EU was a front for UKIP.These are the Electoral Commission figures.

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Post COVID, post Brexit reconstruction.

26 days ago

The UK is facing an exciting future as a result of Brexit.Now that we are freed from many rules about government intervention and "level playing fields" we can finally remodel the economy for the twenty first century.It should be made clear that there is an optimum level of foreign trade for any country.  It is obvious that if all production occurs overseas there will be no work and if no production occurs overseas there will be no resources, like most processes there is a balance point, an optimum for foreign trade.  In 2019 this was probably about 40% of UK GDP (imports + exports).  As was discovered in the 1930s, when foreign trade reaches a "sweet point" GDP Growth per capita is optimised (See Note 1 below).

The government should replace GDP figures with GDP per capita figures as a

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Why China is a Pariah State

July 13, 2020

Everyone wants to please China.  Large corporations are routinely amending their advertising copy to mollify China.  The EU has publicly cut criticism of China from reports.  The BBC has hosted the Chinese Ambassador lecturing the British and threatening reprisals over Hong Kong.  India has ceded 60 square kilometers of territory to China.  The UK failed to support its allies over demands to bring China to account over the Origin of COVID19.  China has punished Australia by ceasing trade in several products because of such demands.Everyone is backing down.  Corporate bosses are putting pressure on governments to keep quiet and continue trade, even if, in the case of British Telecom, this trade threatens National Security.No-one is telling the truth about China.  China is an utter pariah.

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The COVID Mistakes

July 12, 2020

Back in early February this blog imagined that the UK would stop COVID19 by using the tried and tested techniques of disease control: quarantine victims and the contacts of victims, shut down travel, wear full PPE in hospitals and face masks in public. We would have been clear by mid-March.The history of the pandemic is that the Media, WHO and politicians have been a mixture of naughty children, vicious managers and evil ideologues. "Its just like seasonal flu",  "Do we really have to have quarantine?", "Tell them they don’t need face masks so there is not a run on supply", "If we shut down flights it will damage the economy", "Dont say we need FFP3 or N95 face masks because poor countries can’t afford them", "Don’t start vaccinations until everyone can have one"…..Infectious disease

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How to Destroy the UK

July 8, 2020

A nation exists where economic geography and history has led the people who occupy an area of land to create an independent economy, culture, legal system and politics.  If you wish to destroy a nation you cannot do so by simply invading it.  The moment the troops are withdrawn it will come back again.  To destroy a nation it is necessary to remove control of the national economy, change its legal system and most importantly destroy its culture. China has been at the forefront of schemes to destroy nations.The ultimate solution adopted by China to destroy the Uighurs and Tibetans is to move millions of Han Chinese into Uighur and Tibetan territories, to destroy all statues and buildings that remind people of their origins, to rewrite their history so that China is the hero and

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Should We Support “Defund the BBC”?

July 6, 2020

The BBC selects the news that supports its views.  It suppresses other news.  This has become such an ingrained reflex that the BBC now suppresses much of the news, keeping its audience ignorant of what is really happening in the world and country.  According to the BBC Charter the BBC should not have a "view", it is supposed to be impartial.

If after reading the following you agree that the BBC should be defunded, click on this link to the Defund the BBC Web Site.

The BBC coverage of the Black Lives Matter protests has been highly selective. The BLM movement was founded by three Marxists who are committed to revolutionary change in the USA and bizarrely is financed to the tune of over $100 million by Soros and the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations which are infamous for doing the

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Black Lives Matter: A Dangerous Conspiracy?

July 5, 2020

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) Movement was founded in 2013 and was supported initially by the Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) AKA Liberation Road.  The three founders of BLM are Far Left activists, check the links given here to view their biographies: Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi. FRSO, Black Lives Matter and the Black-Led Movement Fund that funds these all get their money from the Ford, Kellogg, Hewlett Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Borealis Philanthropy and Soros foundations. The funding amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars (See Washington Times and see Note 1). Most of the funding and preparation occurred before the BLM riots in the USA.The Ford and Rockefeller Foundations were central to the finance of the "European Movement", the shady

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Remdesivir: Major drug to fight coronavirus made by China before Pandemic.

July 1, 2020

Remdesivir is one of the few products that has been approved for use against COVID19  (See NICE Approval based on clinical data in May and June).  The USA has just purchased Gilead’s global supply of Remdesivir (Guardian). BrightGene, a company owned by Jiang Zhicheng, the grandson of the former president of China, Jiang Zemin, began manufacturing Remdesivir at the start of the coronavirus pandemic (See for instance Time Magazine Feb 12th). BrightGene is able to use Chinese emergency laws to avoid paying licence fees to US company Gilead, which holds the patent.The big issue here is not the understandable desire of a US government to represent its own people or the strategic failure of the UK to support its drug industry.  The big issue is that BrightGene knew that Remdesivir was

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Multinational Corporations attack Facebook. Should we be worried?

June 30, 2020

Starbucks, Adidas, Unilever, Coca Cola, Ford, HP have all said they will boycott Facebook over hate speech. (Reuters).I do not like Facebook.  I do not like Multinational Corporations.  Had one Multinational decided to place their advertising elsewhere I would have been happy.  This combining of Multinationals to impose their will is something altogether different, it is about Corporate power.Just these six Corporations can throw around the same financial weight as a medium sized national economy but they have no democratic mandate.  Were six billionaire oligarchs to sit on a stage and declare to the world how they were going to control various publications globally to ensure that their ideals were obeyed there would be outrage.  How has it come to pass that control by six Multinational

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Macron loses French Municipal Elections.

June 29, 2020

Macron’s LREM Party failed to win any big cities in the French municipal elections and only gained 13% of the vote in Paris.The turnout was low at 34.7% in the second round.  This was not due to coronavirus because the turnout was only 38.8% in the first round before COVID19.Le Pen’s National Rally (RN) won Perpignan which is the first large city to fall to the far right party for years.  National Rally now supports the EU and is far to the right of, and far more racist than any UK political party.  They scored this victory despite the customary alliance of all of the opposition parties against them in the second round.Much of the protest vote went to the Greens who won a scattering of smaller towns and increased their vote share. Le Pen is now slightly ahead of Macron in opinion polls

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BBC News Omission this week: Sinn Fein, Black LIves Matter, National Rally

June 28, 2020

The Irish Election ended with Sinn Fein having 37 seats Fianna Fail 38 seats and Fine Gael 34 seats.  The other parties had the following seats: Greens (12), Labour (6), Social Democrats (6).  Sinn Fein had gained 15 seats which was a massive increase.  Sinn Fein’s policy is to work for Irish Union – see Time for Irish Unity.  How did the BBC report this?  As a victory for the hastily created Fianna Fail and Fine Gael Coalition.  No mention or discussion of the threat posed to the UK from Sinn Fein being the Irish Opposition Party.We need to turn to an impartial country such as India for a straightforward account of George Floyd’s history.  In the account given by an Indian foreign affairs source "The Great Game India" it lists:
George Floyd moved to Minneapolis in 2014 after being

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Anti-Racism or Let them Eat Cake? The undeserving poor in 2020.

June 27, 2020

The most famous example of the disconnect between the upper and lower classes in a society is when Marie Antoinette, in response to being told that the starving poor had no bread, is alleged to have said:  "let them eat brioche".  Whether this really happened or not many of us know upper class people who could easily say such things.In the UK today there are food banks so we really can say "let them eat tinned peaches".  But rather than being satisfied with the possibility that starvation can be averted in the UK we should be worried.  There has not been food need in the UK for at least 50 years before the Great Recession of 2008.The lower classes are an eyesore for the upper classes.  Only last weekend I sold a rowing boat and one of the families who came to buy it was a picture.  The

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Is the political battle now the Nation vs the Media?

June 25, 2020

Objective measures show that the UK is very much less racist than either the USA or EU.  Yet the UK Media ignored this and elided the US Black Lives Matter protests into UK politics.It is 200 years since the UK abolished slavery but only 100 years since the Jim Crow laws in the USA and only 55 years since these were abolished.  Yet the UK Media treats the US as an extension of the UK.There are two commercial reasons for this seamless joining of the UK and USA.  The first is that BBC World sees the USA as its prime market in the future.  The second is that the BBC has merged its Global and national news teams.  The rest of the UK Broadcast Media takes the BBC as the standard for reporting.The other reason for the UK coverage is that racism/ant-racism is the chosen dialectical battleground

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Suggestions for a Post COVID19 Britain.

June 23, 2020

We should have green economic policies and orient the economy to local production and employment.  State Investment Councils should be created to foster SMEs into larger companies and further develop large companies. The Internet should be controlled.  We should clarify our foreign policy.  We should clarify the powers of Local Authorities, Public Health England and the NHS.  We should sort out the political extremism of the BBC and Academia.Green policies are sustainable policies. Sustainability starts at home. Shunting production to Germany, China and India so that the UK can appear green is unacceptable.The Economy – If we do not control our economy democracy becomes meaningless.
These are the self evident truths of global trading:

If we rely totally on foreign imports and services

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Are Britain’s Youth Victims of the Media?

June 22, 2020

Over the past 30 years the needs of the youth of Britain have been abandoned by the Media.  Instead the emphasis has been on how they can be used as a political weapon.

There has been almost no coverage of the huge demand for housing and hence high rents in our cities due to population growth or the rapid disappearance of quality employment, instead young people have been regarded as political robots that can be manipulated into esoteric campaigns.

Sexual politics is the most obvious example of this desire to indoctrinate.  Very few people in the UK are Gay:

Yet the Broadcast Media and Media Drama has a very high coverage of ID politics giving the impression that this is a pressing issue for society. With only about one in 50 people affected by sexual politics one might have

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A Brief History of British Slavery

June 19, 2020

Should events that happened over 200 years ago be part of current politics?  What was the truth about the slave trade and slaving? About 12m Africans were shipped across the Atlantic over a period of 400 years (with most occurring in the 18th and 19th centuries).   The trade was known as the Triangular Trade because it involved the exchange of European goods for black slaves supplied by African Kingdoms who were then shipped to the New World to produce goods that were shipped back to Europe.Most of the slaves went to Portuguese and West Indies Plantations and Spanish colonies: Portuguese America   38.5%
British West Indies     18.4%
Spanish Empire          17.5%
French Americas        13.6%
United States              9.7%
Dutch West Indies      2.0%
OtherThe African West Coast kingdoms,

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