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The flight from quality

29 days ago

In March 2020 we all assumed there would be some reaction to Covid-19 on Wall Street but, when markets did the opposite of what most people expected, the Fed had to step in to stabilise the economy. Anil Kashyap and Kathryn Judge tell Tim Phillips what happened, why, and how to stop it happening again.
Read more about the research behind this: VoxColumn: Reforming the macroprudential regulatory architecture in the US, Kathryn Judge, Anil Kashyap.

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Reforming the macroprudential regulatory architecture in the US

July 21, 2021

When the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered major economies in March 2020, it also wreaked havoc on financial markets. In the first few weeks of March, investment-grade corporate bonds lost roughly a fifth of their value, on par with the declines in equity and high-yield debt. (Haddad et al. 2020, Falato et al. forthcoming). Contrary to the usual flight to quality, in mid-March, Treasury yields began rising and only stabilised after the Federal Reserve initiated a massive purchase program. (Vissing-Jorgensen 2020). The distress in the Treasury market accentuated distress in other markets and liquidity challenges for firms. Nonbanks that service a huge swathe of home loans looked as though they may face their own collective liquidity crisis, causing ripple effects in mortgage

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