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Designing a hybrid work organisation

July 5, 2021

Post-pandemic hybrid work models should be carefully planned, taking into account individual and organisational needs.
With the end of the pandemic in sight, organisations are rethinking when and where their employees will work. Over half of office workers want to keep working remotely for three or more weekdays and while employer enthusiasm is somewhat lower, this does seem feasible for 20%-25% of the workforces in advanced economies. Many companies will likely adopt a hybrid combination of on-site and remote work, with work from home estimated to be optimal at one to three days a week.
While this hybrid future creates opportunities for geographic mobility and for tackling regional inequalities, employers will need to find well-functioning models of organisational flexibility for their

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Algorithmic management is the past, not the future of work

May 6, 2021

Algorithmic management is the twenty-first century’s scientific management. Job quality measures should be included explicitly in health and safety risk assessments for workplace artificial-intelligence systems.

AI in the workplace: what’s at stake?
The use of artificial intelligence in the workplace has been hailed as both the future of work and its destruction. Worker-friendly applications of AI in the workplace include the automation of dangerous, dirty and dull tasks, strategic workforce planning and learning and reskilling. However, applications that might harm rather than help workers are also emerging. AI algorithms in hiring and promotion have been shown to discriminate, for example. Equally worrying for workers is algorithmic management (AM).
AM is the use of AI to assign tasks

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