Wednesday , September 22 2021
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Conditions are ideal for a new climate club

13 days ago

The technical and political conditions are ideal for the creation of a climate club to catalyse tougher climate action worldwide.

Annual global greenhouse-gas emissions have been rising steadily for decades and show no sign of peaking. That is, humankind is not making enough progress to exclude a possibly catastrophic climate scenario. Protecting the climate is difficult because of free-riding: emissions abatement costs are largely national but the benefits from climate stability are global. Dealing with this problem needs to be at the core of a new climate strategy. This article argues that both technological and political conditions are now ideal to establish a new climate club, in which members commit to stronger domestic climate measures and agree on the coordinated introduction of

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Relaunching transatlantic cooperation with a carbon border adjustment mechanism

June 11, 2021

The best way for the EU and the US to jointly introduce carbon border adjustment would be to form a ‘climate club’.

On June 15, President Joe Biden will join Charles Michel and Ursula von der Leyen in Brussels for an important European Union–United States summit that aims at relaunching bilateral cooperation after four years in which it has withered. Climate change features at the top of the agenda, raising hopes about the potential role of the transatlantic partners in fostering global decarbonisation.
There is reason for optimism. The two economies share today a common climate ambition and, representing 40% of global gross domestic product and 30% of goods imports, other countries cannot simply ignore what happens here. The key question is, how can the EU and the US decarbonise

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