Friday , July 23 2021
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Populism and Covid-19

10 days ago

This column is a lead commentary in the VoxEU debate on "Populism"
Populism is a controversial and polarising subject at the best of times, and particularly when employed in everyday conversation. This may be because politicians frequently use the term in a derogatory way, both against political opponents and as synonymous with incompetence, short-sightedness, and impulsiveness. Likewise, and with more than a hint of schadenfreude, many analysts expected Covid-19 would expose the contradictions of so-called populist politicians anew.1 But was Covid-19 a day of reckoning? If the Global Financial Crisis could make the fortunes of populist politicians by bringing them to power, would the Covid-19 pandemic finally be their undoing?2 
To find out, in this column I review the reasons

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Populism in Latin America

June 11, 2021

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Latin America has a long history of populist government. New research by Antonio Spilimbergo quantifies the consequences of populism for the region’s institutions and economies.

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