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The New European Community: Decisionmaking And Institutional Change

The New European Community is the first systematic, book-length discussion of the major political institutions of the European Community (EC) after the transformation of the 1987 Single European Act, itself a surprise and a mystery whose effects are unraveled here.Professors Keohane and Hoffmann open the volume by placing the evolution of the new European Community into broad, theoretical perspective. Their expert contributors—including highly regarded international scholars, a judge of the European Court of Justice, and a long-term British politician—present engaging overviews of the process at work in major EC events and institutions. The centerpiece of the volume, Peter Ludlow’s chapter on the European Commission, lays out all of the systems and actors in the emerging EC and shows their direct connection with problems of Community development and integration.Filled with examples, illustrations, anecdotes, and valuable data, The New European Community will be indispensable for all students and scholars of international relations and European studies as well as for those in business and government who want to understand the European Community before and beyond 1992.

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Author: Robert O Keohane

Editor/Translator: Stanley Hoffmann

Binding: Paperback

Condition: New

Manufacturer: Westview Press

Number of items: 1

Number of pages: 208

Product group: Book

Studio: Westview Press

Publication Date: September 16, 1991

Publisher: Westview Press

Pages: 208

EAN: 9780813382715

ISBN: 0813382718

ASIN: 0813382718

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