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COVID-19: Narrative economics, public policy and mental health

June 10, 2020

Under the influence of the same negative shock (the Covid-19 pandemic), three European countries adopted very different public policy responses, generating, in essence, a natural quasi-experiment with regard to the public policy response to pandemics. In Italy and the UK, public policies switched from ‘business as usual’ to ‘complete lockdown’, but at different speeds and response timings. Sweden endured the ‘business-as-usual’ policy throughout. Was this a purely economically relevant decision and was it just a matter of internal policy, or did a country’s behaviour affect the rest of the world?
Recent pre-pandemic events have left economists with a new term – economic resilience – which, in essence, alludes to the durability of an economy to negative shocks (Reggiani et al.

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Cultural and economic discrimination by the Great Leveller

May 8, 2020

Cultural and economic discrimination by the Great Leveller: The COVID-19 pandemic in the UK
The COVID-19 pandemic is a deadly threat to human life on our planet. In a seminal study, Scheidel (2017) poses the argument that catastrophic events act as a ‘Great Leveler’ which non-discriminatorily wipes out millions of lives globally in a similar way to the Black Death, Russian revolutions, and World Wars.
Early indications of the effects of COVID-19 on mortality in the UK suggest deaths have been consistently higher in London than in the rest of the country. Yet, it is widely known that cities are the most economically unequal places (Glaeser et al. 2009). A closer examination of the data reveals a nuanced pattern about the propensity of different groups of people to

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