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Revisiting the P-star model

I read Milton Friedman’s book “Free to Choose” at an age of 16 years old and ever since then I have been more or less obsessed with monetary theory and particularly the equation of exchange: M•V=P•V My view of the world obviously has developed over the 32 years since I read “Free to Choose”, but I am still fully convinced that monetary policy failure historically has been the main cause of macroeconomic problems – whether it is inflation or recessions and depressions. In fact I am more so...

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The McCallum rule is back – and so am I

It has been some time since I posted anything on The Market Monetarist – primarily because I have been doing other thing – among other things been running my consultancy Markets & Money Advisory (which I still do) and for a year have been the editor-in-chief of the Danish financial website Euroinvestor (which I no longer do). However, I missed blogging and I have particularly missed having an outlet for my (casual?) thinking on monetary matters. Consequently, I have reluctantly...

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The blog has MOVED to

Markets & Money Advisory’s website is now up and running. You find it here. If you normally receive mails from The Market Monetarist you in the future instead will receive mails from Markets & Money Advisory instead. As a general rule we will try to avoid spamming our followers, readers and clients so we will try to only send out the newsletter once a week – unless there is “breaking news” such as key monetary policy announcement or major market moves. I – Lars Christensen – will...

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New Markets & Money Advisory website

Today we launch a major expansion of Markets & Money Advisory. On our new website (see here), you will find a lot more information about what we do – including our speaking, advisory, and research services. If you’re a loyal reader of The Markets Monetarist blog, don’t despair! It stays as an integral part of our operation – which will continue to focus on monetary policy and global financial markets. The Market Monetarist blog will in the future redirect to the Markets & Money...

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Reflections on the Fed hike

Have a look at my comments on yesterday’s Fed hike. [embedded content] And see our “country page” on the Fed, which will also feature in our soon-to-be-published Global Monetary Conditions Monitor. (In PDF here) div{float:left;margin-right:10px;} div.wpmrec2x div.u > div:nth-child(3n){margin-right:0px;} ]]> Advertisements

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FOMC preview – please hike, but be careful going forward

The Federal Reserve is widely expected to hike the Fed funds target rate by 25bp today. The real question is how much more the Fed will deliver going forward. To get an idea about we are happy to give you a sneak preview on the “country page” for the US monetary policy from our soon to be launched Global Monetary Conditions Monitor (GMCM). See here (in PDF here): Just to explain what we are doing in GMCM we do not try to forecast what central bankers will do, but rather we assess or...

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MTB cast #2: Icelandic currency controls, the Fed and European central bankers

So here we go again – another Mountain bike ride and another MTB cast. This time we got three in one. First on Icelandic currency controls. [embedded content] Second, this week’s FOMC meeting. [embedded content] Third, are European central bankers overly worried about political risks? [embedded content] div{float:left;margin-right:10px;} div.wpmrec2x div.u > div:nth-child(3n){margin-right:0px;} ]]> Advertisements

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MTB cast #1: Czech inflation to rise above 3%

I have been out on a mountain biking this morning, but I could not help noticing the Czech inflation numbers for February. So have a look at my first MTB cast where I comment on the Czech inflation numbers. [embedded content] If you like this I will continue doing this in the future and please remember to sign up for the Markets & Money Advisory Youtube channel. See our updated inflation forecast in the graph below. It is based on the latest inflation data and trends as well as our...

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