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Tocqueville 21 Podcast: Digital Human Rights and Cybersecurity with Susan Perry

Share the post "Tocqueville 21 Podcast: Digital Human Rights and Cybersecurity with Susan Perry" We’re happy to present the sixth episode of the Tocqueville 21 podcast! This week, we continue our short series examining Francis Fukuyama’s notion of the End of History. We are joined today by Professor Susan Perry of the American University of Paris. Our discussion winds its way through many fascinating topics, from the end of the Afghan war to the cybersecurity...

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After Afghanistan, Europe needs to see the world for what it is and make the best of it

EU foreign policy has long been oriented around the promotion of key values such as democracy and respect for human rights. But is this value-driven approach still viable? Hans Kribbe argues that in a world where the United States no longer appears willing to provide global leadership, the EU will have to put pragmatism above its principles. “America is back” are three words Joe Biden is not likely to use again any time soon. Addressing the nation after the last US plane left Kabul,...

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Tensions over Afghan refugees will lead to ever more transactional EU-Turkey ties

The fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban has raised fears in both the EU and Turkey of a new refugee crisis emerging. Luigi Scazzieri writes that the situation is likely to lead to ever more transactional EU-Turkey ties, with both sides pushed to work together to manage migration, but without a broader improvement in their relations. The Taliban’s seizure of power in Afghanistan has already pushed many Afghans to flee the country. It is likely that more will seek to leave in the coming...

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The Taliban’s victory proves the West has failed to learn the lessons of the past

The Taliban has taken control of Kabul and declared victory in its attempt to establish control over Afghanistan. Effie G. H. Pedaliu writes that the rapid collapse of the Afghan government is set to trigger a major geostrategic realignment. As the Taliban seek to reestablish the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and the ‘Stars and Stripes’ is lowered at the Kabul American Embassy, I cannot but think back to the 1997 SHAFR conference that I attended as a young academic. At the conference,...

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