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Britain faces a triple contradiction

If Boris Johnson can negotiate agreements that are better than the EU system, it would be a serious challenge for the 27 By: Jean Pisani-Ferry Date: January 30, 2020 Topic: European Macroeconomics & Governance This opinion piece was originally published in Le Monde.This piece forms part of Bruegel’s ongoing work in EU3D, a research project that examines differentiation in the European political order. The EU3D project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020...

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Revue de Presse: December 1

Share the post "Revue de Presse: December 1" The crisis of liberalism lies in its inability to explain modern phenomena, Katrina Forrester argues in The Guardian. Attempting to understand the turbulent politics of recent years, liberals often point to a decline in norms and civility. Meanwhile, their calls for a more civilized politics often lead to little but a shrinking voting base for liberal parties. For Forrester, what is needed today is less a “revival” of...

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Revue de Presse: Sept. 1

Share the post "Revue de Presse: Sept. 1" Boris Johnson’s decision to “prorogue” parliament has set off a fresh wave of Brexit controversy. In the TLS, Philip Salmon explains some notable historical examples of past prorogations. Salmon notes that even in the “pre-democratic” era, prorogation controversies often invited thorny debates over the people’s will: Is putting a “pause” on parliamentary activity legitimate if it’s sanctioned by a majority, or can minority...

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Boris Johnson has demonstrated a capacity for scheming that Machiavelli would have applauded

The UK’s foreign minister, Boris Johnson, is set to address the Conservative Party conference today amidst suggestions that he is deliberately undermining Theresa May’s leadership of the party. George Kassimeris argues that for all the criticism Boris receives, he has demonstrated a capacity for scheming and ruthlessness that Machiavelli would have applauded, and which could yet take him into Number 10. Credit: Foreign and Commonwealth Office (CC BY 2.0) Don’t be fooled by Boris Johnson’s...

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Boris Johnson is damaging Germany’s goodwill towards the UK

Share this:Despite Germany’s long-standing respect for its British partners, the Federal Republic trades more with the EU27 than it does with the UK and it has a profound ideological commitment to European integration that is seldom appreciated in Britain. Charlotte Galpin writes that in this context, Boris Johnson may be doing more harm than good by taking German support towards UK trade for granted. ‘We’re used to respecting foreign ministers a lot’, said Wolfgang Schäuble, the German...

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May’s foreign policy gambit: What could possibly go wrong? Plenty.

After the three turbulent weeks that followed the EU referendum, Theresa May has taken over from David Cameron as the new British Prime Minister and unveiled her first appointments: Philip Hammond as Chancellor of the Exchequer, Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary, and David Davis at the newly established post of Secretary for Brexit. Simon Usherwood assesses where to next.  Another day, another upheaval in British politics. In the 21 days since the EU referendum, we’ve had more changes...

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