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What the “gilets jaunes” movement tells us about environment and climate policies

Simone Tagliapietra and Georg Zachmann write on the climate governance lesson European governments should learn from the "gilets jaunes" experience. This piece was  published in Corriere della Sera Over the last two weeks the gilets jaunes (“yellow vests”) movement has quickly spread across France, leaving the country’s roads – as well as its political leadership – in turmoil. The movement emerged spontaneously against the rising fuel taxes intended by the government to foster the...

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A new strategy for European Union-Turkey energy cooperation

In a period of stress in the relationship between the European Union and Turkey, cooperation over energy could be a bright spot, because of strong mutual interests. Fields such as renewables, energy efficiency, nuclear energy and emissions trading could make a real impact on long-term energy, climate and environmental sustainability, and on overall macroeconomic and geopolitical stability. This paper was produced within the framework of the European Neighbourhood Energy and...

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Going local: empowering cities to lead EU decarbonisation

Decarbonisation and digitalisation are reshaping the European energy system, which will become more decentralised and interconnected with other sectors. Cities have the opportunity to be the key drivers of decarbonisation, but this will require the implementation of a new bottom-up governance system. This paper outlines a four-step mechanism in order to achieve decarbonisation at city level. Four trends are reshaping the European energy system: decarbonisation, digitalisation and,...

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Decarbonisation: a future fiscal headache for europe?

Energy taxes contribute significantly to public budgets in the EU, but with the aim to reduce greenhouse emissions, the EU will have to fully decarbonise its energy system. However, taxing green energy poses a significant challenge, which could result in a tax revenue gap. Before this becomes a reality, European governments must start looking for alternative sources of public finance. This op-ed was originally published in Le Monde. EU governments face budget hole from decreases in...

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An approach to identify the sources of low-carbon growth for Europe

In order to secure growth and jobs, Europe needs a new growth model built on developing emerging sectors with high value added. But in which sectors can Europe grow, and what economic policies would work? European policymakers are struggling to identify economic policies that can create new jobs and return their economies to a stable growth path. The aim of this report is to examine how Europe can gain a competitive edge in new products and services with higher value added that can...

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