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From Anti-Fascism to Anti-Imperialism: Three Questions for Giuliana Chamedes

Share the post "From Anti-Fascism to Anti-Imperialism: Three Questions for Giuliana Chamedes" Giuliana Chamedes, Mellon-Morgridge Professor of European International History at the University of Wisconsin, gave at recent talk entitled “Anti-Fascism as a Differentially Mobilizing Ideology: Anti-Imperialism and the Failed Globalization of the European Left, 1935-1979,” at AUP’s Center for Critical Democracy Studies in its DEMOS 21 convocation. Stephen Sawyer caught up...

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Trump, Fascism, and French History

Share the post "Trump, Fascism, and French History" On 6 January 2021, a mob of demonstrators broke into and ransacked the US Capitol. Five people, including one police officer, died during the violence. The demonstrators had gathered to protest against the result of the 2020 election, encouraged by President Donald Trump’s baseless accusations that his opponent Joe Biden had “stolen” victory in the November vote. The invasion of the seat of American representative...

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When Neoliberalism Negates Itself

Share the post "When Neoliberalism Negates Itself" Review of William Callison and Zachary Manfredi, eds., Mutant Neoliberalism: Market Rule and Political Rupture (Fordham University Press, 2020). Among its many intellectual repercussions, the current crisis in global politics has forced us to reassess neoliberalism, the ideology that, more than any other, has shaped our present. Despite its highly disruptive effects, neoliberalism had, until recently, seemed...

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Tocqueville ’21: Pondering the Future

Share the post "Tocqueville ’21: Pondering the Future" We held our first editorial meeting the morning after the attack on the US Capitol. This is a blog dedicated to exploring twentieth-first century democracy, and while much about the democratic world we live in feels uncertain, one thing we can be sure of is that democracy in America and beyond is undergoing some profound transformations.  Tocqueville concluded in the final lines of Democracy in America that his...

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Revue de Presse : 15 novembre

Share the post "Revue de Presse : 15 novembre" Le sociologue Farhad Khosrokhavar a publié dans Politico EU une critique de la « laïcité radicale » en France – ce qu’il compare à une religion d’État, même si cette religion est blasphématoire par essence – avant que l’éditeur du journal retire l’article, déclarant qu’il « ne répondait pas à nos normes éditoriales ». Le site Orient XXI, édité par Alain Gresh, republie l’article de Khosrokhavar en anglais et en français,...

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