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Harmony Korine’s Wasteland Wonderlands

Share the post "Harmony Korine’s Wasteland Wonderlands" Despite their emphasis on anarchy and debauchery, Harmony Korine’s films about poverty are actually not very fun to watch. In fact, the director of Gummo (1997) and Spring Breakers (2012) has become somewhat notorious for his stylistic obsession with repulsive images, and his free-wheeling portraits of America’s forgotten lodgers often toe the line between cinema-verité documentary and horror. Though recently...

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Voulons-nous vraiment la démocratie?

Share the post "Voulons-nous vraiment la démocratie?" Sur le film What is democracy ? d’Astra Taylor (Zeitgeist Films, 2018) Les mots doivent garder leur sens, surtout lorsqu’ils portent les valeurs de toute une époque. « What is democracy ? » : la question, entêtante comme un ostinato, que ce film d’Astra Taylor adresse à un panel varié d’intellectuel.le.s et d’anonymes ne va pas de soi, et surtout, ne doit pas aller de soi. Le premier enjeu, pour la réalisatrice...

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Du Soleil à l’écran

Share the post "Du Soleil à l’écran" Compte rendu de J’Veux du Soleil !, un film de François Ruffin et Gilles Perret Déjà rompus à l’exercice du documentaire, François Ruffin (Merci patron !) et Gilles Perret (entre autres, L’Insoumis, sur la campagne de Mélenchon), l’un dans un registre plus social et l’autre plus politique, associent leurs talents dans un film à deux où l’on verra toujours le premier à l’écran, où l’on entendra parfois le second – le temps d’un...

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Stunning Sympathy

Share the post "Stunning Sympathy" The evolution of photography seems to correspond with our modern capacity for sympathy. Someone in a Facetime conversation feels more present than a news clip from a month ago, while that clip feels livelier than just a picture, and so on and so forth. The Technicolored half of the Wizard of Oz is supposed to touch our imagination more than the first, and the subjects of black-and-white film still seem more accessible than the men and...

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L’Education des jeunes filles aux Etats-Unis

Share the post "L’Education des jeunes filles aux Etats-Unis" Film review: Lady Bird, written and directed by Greta Gerwig; The Florida Project, written by Sean Baker and Chris Bergoch, directed by Sean Baker Tocqueville’s observations on raising girls in the United States come with a cruel volte-face. At first, he writes admirably of the young women who tend to be freer, stronger, more confident, and less chaste than their European peers (DA II.3.9). And yet this...

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Share the post "L’insoumis" Gilles Perret has a new documentary out this week based on footage of Jean-Luc Mélenchon during his 2017 presidential campaign. The film, L’insoumis, has been predictably praised to high heavens as a “humanizing” portrait of Mélenchon’s down-to-earth personality by supporters of his movement La France insoumise, and dismissed as “propaganda” by detractors. Of course, it’s neither of these things. Perret is unmistakably a friend and...

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