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New article: The Fury in France

Share the post "New article: The Fury in France" I’ve been holding off on writing about the current strikes because the New York Times was kind enough to ask me to write an opinion piece on the subject, which just appeared today. I try to answer the question of what it would look like for the strikes, allied with gilets jaunes protesters, to deliver a meaningful political blow to Macron. My answer is probably unsatisfying, as is inevitable for this sort of speculation,...

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Revue de Presse: December 1

Share the post "Revue de Presse: December 1" The crisis of liberalism lies in its inability to explain modern phenomena, Katrina Forrester argues in The Guardian. Attempting to understand the turbulent politics of recent years, liberals often point to a decline in norms and civility. Meanwhile, their calls for a more civilized politics often lead to little but a shrinking voting base for liberal parties. For Forrester, what is needed today is less a “revival” of...

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Revue de Presse: July 6

Share the post "Revue de Presse: July 6" Welcome to Tocqueville 21’s weekly revue de presse, where we re-cap some of the most thought-provoking articles we’ve seen on democracy and politics in France, the US, and beyond. As always, the articles we relay here do not necessarily reflect the views of the editors and interns that put this list together, just what we think is worth reading.  * Libération‘s EU correspondent Jean Quatremer examines the ongoing frustrations...

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Du Soleil à l’écran

Share the post "Du Soleil à l’écran" Compte rendu de J’Veux du Soleil !, un film de François Ruffin et Gilles Perret Déjà rompus à l’exercice du documentaire, François Ruffin (Merci patron !) et Gilles Perret (entre autres, L’Insoumis, sur la campagne de Mélenchon), l’un dans un registre plus social et l’autre plus politique, associent leurs talents dans un film à deux où l’on verra toujours le premier à l’écran, où l’on entendra parfois le second – le temps d’un...

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Ruffin, président ?

Share the post "Ruffin, président ?" I have a short piece out in Dissent exploring the implications of the gilets jaunes movement for La France insoumise and left populism in general. Part of my motivation to write this was an observation that the composition of the movement seemed to track quite neatly the theoretical claims of left-populist theory, while at the same time some of the celebration of the protests by leftists in the US and abroad seemed entirely...

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The Revolution Will Be Livestreamed

Share the post "The Revolution Will Be Livestreamed" Over the last several years I’ve tried to resist comparisons between Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Bernie Sanders, mostly because these comparisons tend to posit a simplistic notion of “left-wing populism” that obscures the obvious differences in style and ideology between the two men and the movements that support them. Recently, though, coverage of Sanders and younger American socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has...

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