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Changing vulnerabilities on Samos: Why young men are not always the least vulnerable refugees

Men between the ages of 18 and 39 are often assumed to be the most likely to survive troubling conditions in refugee reception centres. Drawing on recent research on the Greek island of Samos, Gemma Bird highlights that this is now always the case. Vulnerabilities are not fixed, and in environments such as the one on Samos, the basic needs of all groups need to be better met. The island of Samos is one of five Aegean islands housing a Reception Centre for refugees first entering Greece (and...

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Rethinking refugee support: Responding to the crisis in South Eastern Europe

The migration crisis that began in 2015 has had a major impact on countries in South Eastern Europe. Outlining findings and recommendations from a new project, Amanda Russell Beattie, Gemma Bird, Jelena Obradovic-Wochnik and Patrycja Rozbicka explain that the EU’s response to the crisis has resulted in the outsourcing of refugee settlement and care to states such as Serbia, Greece and Bosnia which were previously described as ‘transit’ countries. This is leading to overcrowding in refugee...

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Greece: A tale of two migration stories

Greece was at the epicentre of both the Eurozone and migration crises, but as Gemma Bird and Amanda Russell Beattie write, each crisis has left a notably different mark on the country. Nowhere is this more evident than in Greek migration policy, where efforts to welcome investment and workers from abroad stand in striking contrast to the treatment of those currently stuck in reception centres and refugee camps. Greece is in many ways a country of contradictions, a result of a financial crisis...

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Europe should remember its own treatment of refugees while protesting against Donald Trump

Many of the protests that took place against Donald Trump during his visit to the UK focused on his policies toward refugees. Amanda Russell Beattie, Gemma Bird and Patrycja Rozbicka argue that while the protesters were right to voice opposition to Trump’s policies, the treatment of refugees at Europe’s borders is just as worthy of criticism. Donald Trump arrived in the United Kingdom with his usual diplomatic aplomb. On the eve of his visit with Theresa May, and an ensuing tea party with the...

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