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Income inequality boosted Trump vote

Our early econometric analysis shows that Donald Trump performed more strongly in states with higher income inequality. He also did better in states with a higher share of less-educated, older, US-born and non-Hispanic voters. Did the level of income inequity influence voters in the 2016 US presidential election? To answer this question, we analysed the currently available results to uncover the factors influencing Trump’s share of the vote. Recent surveys and analyses (for example the...

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Some are more equal than others: new estimates of global and regional inequality

In this Working Paper, Zsolt Darvas estimates the global and regional distribution of income and calculates statistics of global and regional income inequality. Zsolt Darvas compares four methodologies to estimate the global distribution of income and find that many methods work well, but the method based on two-parameter distributions is more accurate than other methods. This method is simpler, easier to implement and relies on a more internationally-comparable dataset of national...

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Inclusive growth and inequality in Europe

Many Europeans have felt the effects of inequality due to the economic and financial crisis and stagnation. How can inequalities be tackled and which policies can support inclusive growth? In this episode of The Sound of Economics we examine the issue of inclusive growth and inequality in Europe. We asked Zsolt Darvas, Senior Fellow at Bruegel, to explain us how is it possible to define and measure inclusive growth. We spoke to Jana Hainsworth, President of the Social Platform,...

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An anatomy of inclusive growth in Europe

This Blueprint offers an in-depth analysis of inequalities of income and wealth in the EU, as well as their causes and consequences. How evenly are the benefits of growth distributed in our economies, and what does this mean for fairness and social mobility? How could and should policymakers react? Key findings Contrary to many perceptions, income inequality in the EU has fallen over the past two decades. In the EU as a whole, and in most EU members, absolute poverty is rare and...

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The refugee crisis offers an opportunity for Europe to promote sustainable, inclusive growth

The integration of migrants and refugees into European societies presents a challenge for EU states, but are there also opportunities afforded to Europe by the current refugee crisis? Based on the Bertelsmann Stiftung’s Social Justice Index (SJI) report, Kim Wellmann writes that swift integration policies could transform the crisis into an opportunity for Europe to address demographic issues within EU economies and promote inclusive growth. The 2015 Bertelsmann Stiftung’s Social Justice...

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