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Concentration Camps in the Borderlands

Share the post "Concentration Camps in the Borderlands" Selfa Chew’s book Uprooting Community tells the relatively unfamiliar story of Mexico’s participation in the displacement and internment of ethnic Japanese during the Second World War, and the experience of people of Japanese descent across the borderlands and across the Americas. Tocqueville 21 co-editor Jacob Hamburger and intern Claire Holland sat down with Dr. Chew to discuss this history, as well as what it...

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Des murs ou des digues ?

Share the post "Des murs ou des digues ?" Cet article apparaîtra dans le prochain numéro de The Tocqueville Review/La Revue Tocqueville, Vol. XXXX, n°1 (2019). Dans le système de la liberté naturelle, le souverain n’a que trois devoirs à remplir ; trois devoirs, à la vérité, d’une haute importance, mais clairs, simples et à la portée d’une intelligence ordinaire. Le premier, c’est le devoir de défendre la société de tout acte de violence ou d’invasion de la part des...

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If NAFTA fails, Canada should reach across the Atlantic to the UK

The future of the North American Free Trade Agreement is looking increasingly uncertain under Donald Trump as president of the United States. In case NAFTA implodes, Armand de Mestral proposes the creation of the Atlantic Free Trade Area between Canada and the United Kingdom, in a framework involving Europe and the US. NAFTA has been in force since 1994. It replaced the 1988 Canada – US FTA for Canada and the United States and brought Mexico into the fold – the first major FTA to link both...

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The Trump-Yellen policy mix is the perfect excuse for Trump’s protectionism

It is hard to find any good economic arguments for protectionism. Economists have known this at least since Adam Smith wrote the Wealth of Nations in 1776. That, however, has not stopped president-elect Donald Trump putting forward his protectionist agenda. At the core of Trump’s protectionist thinking is the idea that trade is essentially a zero sum game. Contrary to conventional economic thinking, which sees trade as mutual beneficial Trump talks about trade in terms of winners and...

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