Tuesday , February 18 2020
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America’s Orwellian Left

Share the post "America’s Orwellian Left" John Michael Colón’s excellent essay on democratic socialism and the contemporary American left centers around George Orwell’s Animal Farm. As Colón writes, the book is mainly known as a warning against revolutionary politics in general, a tale of “supposed revolutionaries” who “produced a dictatorship perhaps only distinguished from the old one by being even worse.” One of the piece’s main arguments is that “the failure of...

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This Time It’s Different

Share the post "This Time It’s Different" This week, rail workers and civil servants in France staged a massive demonstration against Emmanuel Macron’s planned reform of the national rail service, coordinated with plans for an ongoing transit strike. A few days later, high school students led by the survivors of the Parkland, Florida massacre held a march on Washington to demand stricter gun control. Both movements claim to be poised to deliver what their predecessors...

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