Tuesday , November 30 2021
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Macedonia’s political crisis: Make or break for civil society

Macedonia has experienced a period of civic unrest following a pardon issued by president Gjorge Ivanov to all the political figures incriminated in a wiretapping scandal that emerged in 2015. Misha Popovikj states that while the immediate cause of the unrest is relatively straightforward, the roots of the discontent are far more complex. He argues that it is not yet time to resume EU-brokered negotiations, and that international actors should take advantage of a golden moment to empower...

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Short Hot Spring?

Is this going to be CPE redux? We've seen this scenario before: lycée students get a bee in their bonnet about a proposed reform in part intended, say its proponents, to break down the insider-outsider job market in France and open up more positions to young people, currently locked out by the high cost and high risk of new hires in an uncertain economic climate. The young people don't believe the reformers' promises, however, and are instead persuaded by the rhetoric of the organizations...

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