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Elections to the European Parliament: What if more people voted?

Can the rise of Eurosceptic and extremist parties be blamed on the mobilisation of people who previously had abstained from the polls? An analysis of the 2009 and 2014 elections to the European Parliament suggests that support for Eurosceptic parties would be largely unaffected by changes in voter turnout, write Uwe Remer-Bollow, Patrick Bernhagen and Richard Rose. Extremist parties would even have lost vote shares if turnout had reached the higher levels observed at national general...

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Is ‘de-withdrawal’ an alternative to withdrawal? The problems with holding a second referendum on Brexit

Share this:One of the key issues of contention in the context of Brexit is the extent to which MPs and British voters should be allowed a say on the precise deal the UK negotiates to leave the European Union. Richard Rose writes that any hope a second referendum being held on these terms could result in the country staying in the EU is likely to prove unfounded – not least because the rest of the EU would be reluctant to begin another set of negotiations with the UK. Theresa May has made...

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Theresa May’s tightrope act on Brexit can only continue for so long

Share this:Italy’s prime minister, Matteo Renzi, has stated that it will be impossible to give the UK greater rights than those granted to other states outside the European Union. And yet, with EU negotiations looming, Theresa May is still very much in a holding position. According to Richard Rose, May’s real priority is not Europe, but laying the groundwork for winning the 2020 British general election. David Cameron started his career as party leader with a simple wish: to get the...

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While the UK prepares for Brexit, the SNP are laying the groundwork for a new independence referendum

Share this:The Scottish Government has indicated that it may call a second independence referendum as a result of the UK’s decision to leave the EU. Richard Rose writes that the SNP are already establishing the foundations for a new independence campaign and Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, may quickly propose legislation for another referendum once the UK triggers Article 50. While Westminster politicians await the day next year when Theresa May will trigger Article 50,...

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Delaying the countdown to Brexit: A cost-benefit analysis

Share this:Following the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, a great deal of attention has focused on when the country will choose to begin its exit negotiations. Richard Rose writes that there are both pros and cons for the British government in pushing back the negotiations. A delay would allow the government to arrive at a stronger position on what it wishes to achieve from the process, but too long a delay would risk the discussions being complicated by elections in other...

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With elections looming in key EU states, Theresa May must focus on politics rather than personalities

Share this:Theresa May has visited a number of European leaders since taking office as UK Prime Minister. Richard Rose writes that while these early diplomatic forays are undoubtedly useful, it is likely that several of the heads of government she has met will no longer be in power when the UK’s negotiations to leave the European Union reach a climax. As such a key priority should be to pay more attention to the persisting national interests of the other 27 EU governments and potential...

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