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Biden’s Covid-19 Plan: A Road Towards Universal Basic Income?

Share the post "Biden’s Covid-19 Plan: A Road Towards Universal Basic Income?" Has Covid-19 made an Andrew Yang out of Joe Biden? During the 2020 Democratic primary, Yang’s promise of a monthly $1,000 “Freedom Dividend”—a form of Universal Basic Income (or UBI)—was not enough to carry the entrepreneur to the White House. But President Biden’s plan to fight the coronavirus and its economic fallout includes yet another round of direct payments, the third in only a year....

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Downsides to Hong Kong’s untargeted cash handout

The stimulus is regressive in nature, as the bulk of expenditure is a one-off cash disbursement per adultAfter enjoying 15 years of fiscal surplus, Hong Kong is now running a deficit due to plummeting growth. The economy contracted by 1.2% in 2019, and this year will most likely be the same, if not worse.Last week’s budget shows that Hong Kong’s sweet dilemma has come to an end. It is a test for whether Hong Kong really has adopted a “new fiscal philosophy,” as mentioned by Chief Executive...

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The Universal Basic Income Enigma

Share the post "The Universal Basic Income Enigma" In 2017, Benoît Hamon was in a bind. He had beaten Manuel Valls in the Socialist Party primary running as a radical, promising France’s left-wing voters that he would reverse the centrist tack under François Hollande, which drove the careers of both Valls and Emmanuel Macron. But if he was to have any shot at winning the presidency, he would have to also mobilize left voters turned off by the populist Jean-Luc...

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The Economists’ Statement on Carbon Dividends and the Green New Deal

In the last month two prominent policy proposals that aim to combat climate change have been presented in the United States. The Green New Deal calls for the deployment of substantial government resources to combat climate change. The Economists’ Statement on Carbon Dividends, suggests a market-based and budget-neutral approach through a carbon tax. Michael Baltensperger reviews reactions to both. On 6 February, Democratic members of the US Congress put forward a House Resolution that...

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Universal basic income and the Finnish experiment

The preliminary results on the Universal Basic Income (UBI) experiment in Finland, and what they mean for the long-standing questions over the potential impact of UBI in developed countries. By: Catarina Midoes Date: February 18, 2019 Topic: European Macroeconomics & Governance “How can sufficient goods be available when anyone can withdraw from work – when people are no longer motivated by the need to earn their own living,...

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The Universal Basic Income discussion

What’s at stake: the concept of a Universal Basic Income (UBI), an unconditional transfer paid to each individual, was prominent earlier this year when Finland announced a pilot project. It’s now back in the discussion as the OECD published a report illustrating costs and distributional implications for selected countries. We review the most recent contributions on this topic. By: Silvia Merler Date: June 12, 2017 Topic: European Macroeconomics & Governance...

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