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The Economics of the Second World War: Seventy-Five Years On

May 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe, a defining moment in modern history which signalled the beginning of the end of years of bloody conflict that left a world fragmented. The scale of mobilisation of all sectors of the economy and society had redefined the concept of ‘total war’. This eBook brings together recent research on a range of aspects of the war including the extensive war preparations of the great powers; the conduct of the war (including the management of economic mobilisation, economic warfare, economic exploitation, and the role of economists); and the war’s consequences for demography, inequality, economic recovery and political attitudes. Overall this eBook provides a unique insight into the importance of

Broadberry, Harrison considers the following as important:

This could be interesting, too:

Dedola, Georgiadis, Gräb, Mehl writes Quantitative easing policies and exchange rates

Degorce, Monnet writes The Great Depression, banking crises, and Keynes’ paradox of thrift

Eggertsson, Egiev, Lin, Platzer, Riva writes The Fed’s new policy framework: A major improvement but more can be done

Nakamura, Ohashi writes Stagnation of markups and (non-)existence of superstar firms in Japan

The Economics of the Second World War: Seventy-Five Years On

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Stephen Broadberry and Mark Harrison

Part I: Preparations for war

1 Roots of war: Hitler’s rise to power  
Hans-Joachim Voth

2 The German economy from peace to war: The Blitzkrieg economy revisited
Rihcard Overy

3 The Soviet economy and war preparations
Mark Harrison

4 Lessons learned? British economic management and performance during the World Wars
Stephen Broadberry

Part II: Conduct of the war

5 How the war was won
Phillips Payson O’Brien

6 Never alone, and always strong: the British war economy in 1940 and after 
David Edgerton

7 The Second World War in America: Spending, deficits, multipliers, and sacrifices
Price Fishback

8 Economic warfare: Insights from Mançur Olson 
Mark Harrison

9 Supplier networks as a key to wartime production in Japan 
Tetsuji Okazaki

10 Exploitation and destruction in Nazi-occupied Europe
Hein Klemann

11 The economics of neutrality in the Second World War 
Eric Golson

12 Economists at war
Alan Bollard

Part III: Consequences of the war

13 The famines of the Second World War
Cormac Ó Gráda

14 Inequality: Total war as a great leveller
Walter Scheidel

15 Recovery and reconstruction in Europe after the war 
Tamás Vonyó

16 How the war shaped political and social trust in the long run 
Pauline Grosjean

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