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Shaping Africa’s Post-Covid Recovery

With the exception of some flashpoints in Northern and Southern Africa, the continent has been largely spared from the direct health effect of Covid-19. However, the African economy has been significantly hurt by the economic consequences. This eBook summarises recent research on the economic effect of the Covid-19 pandemic in the continent covering a wide array of topics focusing on the response of firms, households, governments, and international organisations.  PDF Download Contents Foreword IntroductionRabah Arezki, Simeon Djankov and Ugo Panizza Business and household responses Firms through the Covid-19 pandemic: Evidence from sub-Saharan AfricaElwyn Davies, Gaurav Nayyar, Santiago Reyes, and

Arezki, Djankov, Panizza considers the following as important:

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Shaping Africa’s Post-Covid Recovery

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Rabah Arezki, Simeon Djankov and Ugo Panizza

Business and household responses

Firms through the Covid-19 pandemic: Evidence from sub-Saharan Africa
Elwyn Davies, Gaurav Nayyar, Santiago Reyes, and Jesica Torres

Firms in financial distress, with an application to Africa
Simeon Djankov and Jeremy Evans

Sectoral heterogeneity in the Covid-19 recovery: Evidence from Rwanda
Kieran Byrne, Saahil Karpe, Florence Kondylis, Megan Lang and John Loeser

FDI in the recovery phase
Arslan Chaudhary, Amelia Santos-Paulino, and Claudia Trentini

African state-owned enterprises: How to support the development agenda
Vitor Gaspar, Paulo Medas, and John Ralyea

The state of tourism in Africa during Covid-19 and beyond: Evidence from big data 85
Rabah Arezki, Alice Froidevaux, Thanh-Long Huynh, Ha Minh Nguyen and Nicolas Salez

The evolving socioeconomic impacts of Covid-19 in four African countries
Ann Furbush, Anna Josephson, Talip Kilic and Jeffrey D. Michler

Food security in sub-Saharan Africa in the times of Covid-19
Guigonan Serge Adjognon, Dahyeon Jeong and Arianna Legovini

International financing

Rethinking development banking in the era of Covid-19
Rabah Arezki

Has the World Bank’s Covid crisis lending been big enough, fast enough? Evidence on loan disbursements
Julian Duggan, Scott Morris, Justin Sandefur, and George Yang

Chinese lending to Africa in the pandemic era
Deborah Brautigam and Kevin Acker

Debt risks in sub-Saharan Africa and beyond
Patrick Bolton, Mitu Gulati, and Ugo Panizza

Economics of Covid-19 in three sub‑Saharan African countries: Ethiopia, Namibia and South Africa
Patricio Goldstein and Ricardo Hausmann

How did Egypt soften the impact of Covid-19?
Jamal Ibrahim Haidar

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