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A silver lining for ageing Asia

An ageing population is generally bad news for growth prospects, but Japan and Taiwan offer important lessons. This opinion piece was originally published in Asia Times. Many Asian economies will age more rapidly over the next several decades, including Hong Kong, Japan, mainland China, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. Asia’s working-age population peaked in 2015 and will gradually decline at an accelerating rate in the coming decades. By 2050, the elderly population in these...

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Demography and globalisation: reversing trends

A conversation on ageing societies, waning inequality, as well as an inflation revival. In this episode of The Sound of Economics, we invite Charles Goodhart and Manoj Pradhan to talk about their most recent book: ‘The Great Demographic Reversal’. They argue that trends in demography and globalisation, especially the stunning rise of China combining both, have greatly weakened labour bargaining power and led to subsequent disinflation, inequality and falling interest rates. But just as these...

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Can the global recovery be sustained even as the pandemic rages?

The global economy is showing signs of recovery from the economic crisis caused by COVID-19, though the spread of the coronavirus is accelerating in some countries. In this circumstance, policymakers must weigh up the trade-offs involved in dealing with the pandemic while easing lock downs and sustaining economic activity. Differences in age structures, urbanisation rates and other factors will inform decision making in different countries. The incidence of new cases of COVID-19 might be...

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A tale of two countries: Brexit and the ‘left behind’ thesis

Share this:Why did Britain vote for Brexit and what was the relative importance of social class, age, and immigration in determining the result? Using aggregate level data, Matthew Goodwin and Oliver Heath outline some of the key factors that accounted for the overall Leave victory and the variation in support experienced across different geographic areas. The referendum result is now well-known. Leave won its strongest support in the West Midlands (59 per cent), East Midlands (59 per...

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