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Du plomb dans l’aile

Share the post "Du plomb dans l’aile" Adopté par l’Assemblée nationale le 10 mai dernier, le projet de loi pour la conservation et la restauration de la cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris et instituant une souscription nationale à cet effet empiète, par défaut, sur le champ de la santé publique. On se propose d’analyser brièvement l’absence, dans le débat public, de discussion sur les conséquences sanitaires de l’incendie du 15 avril, et les raisons politiques d’une telle...

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The Allure of the City

Share the post "The Allure of the City" Danielle Charette is a PhD Student with the University of Chicago’s Committee on Social Thought, where she studies political theory. She graduated from Swarthmore College with a BA in English Literature.  — Review of Aurélien Bellanger, Le Grand Paris (Gallimard, 2017). Aurélien Bellanger’s Le Grand Paris fictionalizes the experience of being seduced by politics. Part novel, part manifesto, Bellanger’s fourth book follows the...

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The US and China’s ratification of the Paris climate agreement puts pressure on the EU to quickly do the same

Share this:The US and China have announced that they have ratified the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change. This is despite Donald Trump vowing to renegotiate the agreement if he wins the US presidential election in November. Bob Ward writes that if the Agreement comes into force – which will be very likely if it is ratified by the EU’s Member States – Trump will likely be unable to withdraw the US from it over the course of a single presidential term. The announcement that the US and...

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My neighbourhood: the 13 November Paris massacres

Most of the Paris attacks were carried out in the heart of the French capital. However, as LSE’s Michael Storper writes, the chosen areas were not those most noted for tourism, but rather included previously run-down neighbourhoods that had gradually become more gentrified without losing their charm, and which today appeal chiefly to a young crowd. As a resident of the 10th arrondissement, he kept a diary of the events during the attacks and in the days after that we reproduce below. The...

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Paris attacks: Why France must avoid viewing its Muslim population as a security threat

The terrorist attacks in Paris on 13 November have prompted discussions from several commentators concerning levels of integration among France’s Muslim population. Joseph Downing argues that claims of a substantive link between the marginalisation of French Muslims and the terrorist attacks that have hit France in 2015 are deeply misleading. He writes that while several French citizens have been involved in the attacks, they must be viewed as acts of international terrorism, not the result...

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