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Share the post "Mayday" May 1, the tradition fête des travailleurs et travailleuses, turned out not be quite as apocalyptic as the authorities had warned, perhaps exaggerating a bit in order to frighten away potential marchers. Neither was it the convergence des luttes that Jean-Luc Mélenchon had called for. Most of all, it did not signify a renewal of the trade union movement, as Philippe Martinez, the leader of the CGT, had to be exfiltrated from the line of march, or...

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Word comes today that the gendarmerie is readying 30-40 squadrons for the purposing of removing the so-called zadistes (defenders of the zone à défendre, or ZAD) at Notre-Dame-des-Landes. This is likely to turn into a bloody mess, not because the gendarmes want it that way but because the situation does not lend itself to an easy resolution. The zadistes have been preparing for this assault for years and are “dug in,” while the police will be under pressure from the government...

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Ni droite, ni gauche, ni Plenel, ni Charlie: Macron and “le terreau de la terreur”

On Nov. 9 Emmanuel Macron spoke about France's neglected banlieues. It was a good speech, in which Macron repeated the argument that had earned him the enmity of Manuel Valls when Valls was prime minister, namely, that the Republic had failed some of its citizens by relegating them to ghettos, allowing their housing and schools to disintegrate, and permitting discrimination against them in the workplace.But this admirable willingness to stare directly at one of the open sores on the body...

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Open Racism

French racists no longer even try to hide their true colors. Eric Zemmour presented his new book (a compilation of his columns over the past 5 years) to a large crowd in Versailles, where he was interviewed on stage by Marion Maréchal-Le Pen. The master of ceremonies introduced him thus:« Ici, vous êtes en famille. Pas de SOS-Racisme, pas de LICRA [Ligue internationale contre le racisme et l’antisémitisme]. »But who can be shocked any longer in the age of Donald Trump? Zemmour did not...

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Etat d’urgence?

I'm just back from a 10-day stay in France, during which I spoke to dozens of people and spent a fair amount of time nosing around Paris. While I was in the air on the way home, the National Assembly voted yes to a constitutional amendment allow la déchéance de nationalité, as Hollande and Valls apparently succeeded in persuading deputies on their side that preserving Hollande's crumbling authority was paramount, while Sarkozy apparently convinced deputies on his side that ideological...

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The Revolt Against Hollande and Valls Has Begun

"This is not a revolt, Sire, it's a revolution." So Louis XVI was informed when he asked about the ruckus in the streets of Paris. We are not quite there yet in this year of our lords 2016, but we are inching, if not toward revolution, then at least toward a political upheaval that may spell the end of the Socialist Party stemming from the era of Mitterrand, which has recently been the subject of numerous reminiscences.One sign of the shifting mood is the call for a "primary of the...

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